Visas in Senegal

To visit the Republic of Senegal, citizens of the our Federation need to receive a visa. Obtaining a visa when crossing the border is impossible.

The term of the passport – at least three months at the time of entry into the country.

Important!Senegal’s visa rules change quite often, so before the trip, it is strongly recommended to clarify the conditions for the intersection of the Senegal border at the Embassy of Senegal in Moscow by phone: +7 (499) 230-20-72, 230-21-02 or in the our Embassy in Senegal.

To avoid conflicts when landing for flights, it is advisable to have a printout from the Timatic system, which is the official IATA certificate for visa rules.

National our Fed. (RU)
Destination Senegal (SN)

– Passports and Other Documents Accepted for Entry Must Be
Valid for a Minimum of 3 Months from the Arrival Date.
– Visa Required, Except for Nations of our Fed. For A
Maximum Stay of 90 Days.

Visa registration in the consulate

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport with the data and the photo of the owner;
  • 2 visa profiles filled in English or French;
  • 2 identical pictures of 3×4 cm sizes;
  • Visas in Senegal
  • In the case of tourism or private visit – confirmation of the hotel’s hotel for all the time staying in the country (fax or printout from the Internet) or an invitation from a citizen of the country (original);
  • a printout of air tickets, in case of entry on land – specify this in the questionnaire (when traveling by car, its number is specified if known);
  • In the case of participation in auto or motorcycle, instead of the hotel’s hotel, invitations and tickets, it is enough to provide a letter from the organizer of the run on the organization’s form (indicating the dates of the run and the names of the participants).

Ride with children

Children under 16 fit into a visa of one of the parents. In case the child under the age of 17 travels without accompaniment or accompanied by third parties, additionally, it is necessary to provide notarized consent from parents / guardians to depart the child.

Valid term of a visa

Term of a single tourist visa – up to 1 month from the date of issue. Stay – 30 days.

Term / stay in case of issuing a double or multiple visa – up to 90 days.

Consular fee

Consular fee for a visa is not charged.

Order and timing of the visa

Standard Visa Design – 5 Business Days.

Reception and issuance of documents – from Monday to Friday, 09.30 to 17.thirty. You need to find out about the readiness of the visa: +7(499)230-2102, 230-2072.

In case the visa is ready, you must come to the consulate with the original passport, in which a visa sticker will be delivered. It takes a whole page in the passport, it contains the number and duration of the visa, the number of allowed entries.

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