Visas in Romania

Visas in Romania

Citizens of Russia and the CIS for entering Romania requires visa. Romania is part of the EU, but is not at the moment a member of the Schengen Agreement. Therefore, on the basis of the Romanian visa, it is impossible to enter the countries of Schengen.
At the same time, citizens of third countries, including Russia, having two-time or multiple Schengen visas in passports, as well as a residence permit in EU countries, can enter the territory of Romania and be there up to 90 days for every 180 days on the basis of these Visa without registration of the National Romanian Visa.

Entry on a Schengen visa

When crossing the boundary, it is necessary to present the following documents:

– Passport, whose validity period is at least three months from the end of the trip,
– Acting Schengen visa,
– In some cases, border guards are additionally requested to present a return ticket or a ticket to a third country, or confirmation of cash sufficient to stay in the country (as a rule, just show a bank card).

Important! The specific period of stay of each tourist in Romania is determined in accordance with the time of stay, which is listed in its Schengen visa. The number of allowed entries at the time of entry to Romania should not be exhausted, and the visa itself must be valid throughout the period of stay in the country.

Entrance to the country by visas Bulgaria, Cyprus and Croatia

Foreign citizens, in the passports of which there are existing visas issued by Consulates of Bulgaria, Cyprus or Croatia, can enter the territory of Romania and is there for the purpose of transit, tourism, a brief business visit or a visit to friends / relatives without registration of an additional, Romanian visa. The term of stay is determined by the validity period of the visa of the above countries, but may not exceed 90 days for every 180 days.

The text of this decision is published on the Romanian Foreign Ministry website.

Types of Visa

Category B – Transit visa. Visa is issued to persons whose purpose is transit through the territory of Romania in third countries.

Category S – short-term (stay up to 90 days for six months) entry visa. This type of visas is issued to individuals whose goal is tourism, treatment, visits to friends or relatives, business meetings (if their goal is not to receive income in Romania).

Category D – Long-term multiple visa (stay over 90 days). The purpose of the visit can be both business and private.

Category S

To obtain this visa, you must provide the following documents to the Consular Department:

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least three months from the end of the trip. There should be at least 2 pure pages in the passport;
  • A copy of the first page of the passport with the applicant’s personal data and copies of the pages with visas, if any;
  • 1 color photo 3.5×4.5 cm, on a light background without corners and ovals;
  • filled in English or Romanian and subscribed by the applicant personally questionnaire. For children, regardless of whether they are inscribed in the passport of parents or not, a separate questionnaire is filled out;
  • copies of the pages of the our passport with personal data, information about registration, marital status and previously issued by passports;
  • In the case of a tourist trip – voucher travel agencies or confirmation of the hotel’s hotel (original, fax with the printing of the hotel or printout from the Internet). The name and surname of the tourist, the number of his passport, the booking room, the hotel address and details, the dates of living, must be specified in the confirmation;
  • In the event of a visit to friends or relatives – an invitation (original and copy) from a private person, notarized in Romania;
  • In the case of a business trip – an invitation from an organization in Romania, made on the company’s branded forms and certified by its seal. The invitation must contain the following data: the name, surname, passport number, the floor, the date of birth of the invited, time, the purpose of the visit, the number of entry, the address where the invited will be accommodated. It is also necessary to specify personal data and the position of the person signing the invitation, the requisites of the organization. The inviting party must indicate that all expenses associated with the stay of a foreigner during the stay in Romania are assumed;
  • certificate from the place of work on the company’s branded form, with an indication of the work experience in the organization, posts and salary;
  • Visas in Romania
  • Confirmation of the availability of sufficient financial resources to ensure a trip (at the rate of 50 euros per day per person, but less than 500 euros). These documents include travel checks or an extract from a bank account or bank statement from the current account (certificates issued not earlier than 30 days before visa appeal);
  • pensioners – a copy of the pension certificate, an extract from a bank account or travel check, or a statement on sponsorship from one of the relatives, a certificate from the place of work of the sponsor and a copy of the first page of his passport;
  • For students and schoolchildren – a certificate from the place of study, a copy of the birth certificate, a statement of sponsorship from one of the relatives, a certificate from the place of work of the sponsor and a copy of the first page of his passport;
  • Medical policy (and its copy), valid for the entire period of the trip (insurance coverage should be at least 30 thousand euros);
  • Copies of air or train tickets on both sides or confirmation of tickets or printing of electronic tickets. For persons following Romania on a personal car –

Transit visa

A visa-free transit is allowed through the controlled airport zone, if it is not planned to leave its limits, and the transplanting to the next flight will be carried out over the next 24 hours.

When crossing the boundary, it is necessary to present documents confirming the fact of transit:
– Tickets (air, rail or bus): it is enough to make a printout of armor or e-ticket, printed from carrier sites or international booking systems;
– Reservation of your country of the final following (enough printouts with www.Booking.COM);
– A sufficient amount of funds for staying in Romania at the rate of 50 euros per person per day (in practice, financial means, immigration services are extremely rare).

In all other cases, a transit visa must be obtained in advance. To obtain a transit visa category, the following documents will be required:

Ride with children

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate (with it necessary to have the original);
  • Notarized power of attorney (and copy) on the removal of a child in Romania and the European Union country from the remaining / remaining parent / parents and a copy of the first page of the principal passport, if the child travels, accompanied by one of the parents or third party. A copy of the power of attorney remains at the consulate, the original is returned to the owner. In case the second parent died or absent, it is necessary to provide relevant documents (death certificate, certificate from the police, a copy of the court decision on the deprivation of parental parental, certificate from the registry office in form 25).

The filled questionnaires for imperfect children are signed by both parents or trustees, even if the child travels with one of them.

For children who have reached 6 years and inscribed in the parents’ passport, a photo should be passed. Children who have reached 14 years old must have their passport.

Dates of valve

Duration of a single short-term visa – up to 90 days. The stay is determined by the terms specified in the invitation or in the hotel’s hotel.
The term of a multiple long-term visa – up to 1 year, stay in the country – 90 days during the year.(This period can be extended directly in Romania yet in the service of foreign citizens at the Ministry of Internal Affairs).
Term of the transit visa – up to 90 days, stay in the country up to 5 days for each entrance.

Procedure for registration of visa

There is no pre-recording. Personal presence when submitting documents is not necessary. Reception of documents from individuals is produced at the Consular Department of the Romanian Embassy in Moscow on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10.00 to 13.00. Reception of documents from legal entities – on Tuesdays from 10.00 to 13.00. Issuance of finished visas – from 16.00 to 17.00, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In the General Consulate of Romania in St. Petersburg, the reception of documents is carried out from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 13.00, issuing ready-made visas – 10.00 to 11.00.

Additional information about the work of the consular department can be obtained by phone:
-In Moscow: +7 (499) 143-0350, 143-0427;
. -in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 312-6141, 335-0844;
-In Rostov-on-Don: +7 (863) 253-0861, 223-6293, 230-2915.

Dates of registration of Visa

Registration of short-term visas (stay in Romania no more than 90 days) and transit visas, if required, it usually takes from 5 to 10 working days. If necessary (confirmed by tickets or other documents), a visa can be issued within 3 days from the date of submission of documents. In this case, the collection is charged in a double size. The term of consideration of applications for long-term visas can reach from 10 to 30 days.

Consular fee

For all types of short-term visas consular collection is 35 euros. A urgent registration fee (within 3 business days) is 70 euros.

The following categories of citizens were liberated from the consular fee;

  • Children under 6 years old;
  • Citizens of Macedonia, Serbia and the Republic of Moldova;
  • our citizens who are married with Romanian citizens.

Consular fee is paid in euro directly in the consular department when submitting documents for a visa.

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