Visas in Qatar Personal Experience

Visas in Qatar: personal experience

Refusal of a visa. Transit in Doha, with a 17-hour expectation of a docking flight. Even before the start of the trip (month before transit), Qatari Airlines issued a hotels voucher. Upon arrival in Doha, after the hourly expectation of the registration of a visa, employees of the airline brought a passport and said that the visa was denied. The reasons were not explained, referring to the fact that passport control does not give any invasration of the reasons for refusal. The worker, however, said that the refusals of ours began to often occur in the last two weeks. To the question, what to do, first offered to spend the night and day in the airport hall, but after I indicated that I already flew 10 hours, and another 17 hours of waiting for a dream just torture, I kindly gave a room at the airport hotel, and voucher on food. Next time I will think a hundred times before you fly through Qatar.

Docking in Qatar: Refusal visa

Visiting the Katar Embassy in Moscow

After reading the information about getting a visa to Qatar, and thinking that before departure, we have more than 2 months, we decided to design a visa through the embassy.

Today (08/02/2011) was at the Katar Embassy, ​​and clarified all the necessary information.

Now the documents are not submitted through the embassy. Tourist visa is drawn up at the airport upon arrival.

It is necessary to arrange it in advance through a travel agency or through "Sponsor" (Hotel). Accommodation in the hotel must be paid. Without prepayment, no hotel will not send confirmation of booking, which serves as the basis for issuing a tourist visa. Documents should be done in advance on passport control of the airport and without them entry into the country is prohibited.

Visas in Qatar Personal Experience

So, when you book a hotel, then you have to request visa support, they will ask you a good scanned copy of the passport, scanned photo, questionnaire ..

Then your inviting organization (hotel) should send a confirmation that all the necessary information for arrival visa is already at the airport.

On the border already with a copy of the hotel’s booking and with a passport there is a visa!

The cost of registration of a visa The hotel usually includes in their services, but this must be specified directly when booking.

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