Visas in Puerto Rico

Visas in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – US Possession in West Indies. our citizens necessarily require a visa, which is issued in the US embassies located in the territory of the our Federation.

Citizens of the United States visa are not required, citizens of Canada should only make photos and identification card. Citizens of many Western European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Japan can take advantage of the American program of mutual refusal from visas if they intend to stay in Puerto Rico for less than three months.

Types of Visa

Category B (B, B-1, B1 / B2)

– short-term tourist, guest and business trips.

Category C

Visas Categories in (short-term visit)

  • Acting passport. It is allowed to provide instead of the original a copy of the passport (all pages) in the event that at the time of submission of documents for the US visa the applicant issues a visa at the consulate of another country (it is also necessary to provide a copy of the receipt from this consulate). At the same time, the applicant is obliged to present the original passport at the interview at the US Embassy Consular Department. In the passport there must be at least one free page for inclination of the visa;
  • Old passport (and a copy of it), if there were visas of the USA, Canada, Schengen countries, Great Britain;
  • 2 photos (photos forbidden to glue or attach clips to the questionnaire). When filling out the profile, the photo can be attached in electronic form in accordance with the instructions of the consulate. In this case, ordinary photos are not required;
  • filled electronic form in form DS-160;
  • Justification of the trip to Puerto – Rico – It may be an invitation from the host (from a tourist company or from business partners) or a plan-route for independent travelers. The official invitation indicates the status of an inviting person (company) in Puerto – Rico, the nature of the relationship between the invited and inviting, the purpose of the visit, time and place of stay. As an invitation can also be a printout of an informal letter of relatives or friends. Notarization and official printing are not required;
  • certificate from the applicant’s work indicating the post, salary, work experience. Private entrepreneurs – a copy of the certificate of registration and a copy of the certificate of registration of the enterprise for tax accounting. For non-working or pensioners – a statement on sponsoring a trip from close relatives, copies of documents confirming the relationship, a certificate from the work of sponsors and (or) any other documents confirming the ability to pay a trip;
  • evidence of the applicant’s financial consistency: statements from bank accounts, copies of tax declaration and t.NS.;
  • Documents confirming the social, economic and / or family ties of the applicant with Russia (documents indicating ownership of property, a copy of the marriage certificates, the birth of children, on the registration of its own enterprise and T.NS.);
  • information about close relatives and copies of documents confirming the degree of kinship;
  • For students and schoolchildren need a birth certificate (copy), certificate from the place of study, a copy of the student ticket. Application for sponsoring a trip from parents, as well as documents confirming their ability to pay a trip;
  • It is desirable, but not necessarily, also provide a copy of the insurance policy, valid for all time traveling.

Documents can be as in our, there and English. No translation is required.

Transit through Puerto – Rico

Visa-free transit through Puerto – Rico is prohibited (including through airports – there is no transit zone in them). To obtain a visa category with all of the above documents are needed, but instead of invitations from the host, you should provide flights and a country visa that is the end item.

Rules for filling visa profiles

Electronic questionnaire (form DS-160) Inspired instead of the DS-156 form and filled with all types of non-immigrant visas, including visas Categories in (tourism, private visit).

DS-160 form filled In English, directly on the website of the US Immigration Department. 20 minutes is filling. In the event that any of the questions require a longer time on the answer, the form can be saved in a special format, and then return to it by specifying the necessary information and downloading the file.

While filling in the internet via the Internet, it is necessary to upload a photo, as in electronic form. If the photo does not meet the requirements, the system will automatically indicate it. However, regardless of whether the photo was loaded or not, to the general package of documents it is necessary to provide one ordinary photo.
Instructions for downloading photos, as well as requirements for the size and quality of the picture are contained on the US Consular Bureau website, as well as in the DS-160 questionnaire.

After filling out all items to the applicant, it will be proposed to enter your passport number again and send a questionnaire online to the consular department.

After sending the questionnaire, the applicant must print confirmation (Pages include barcode!) About sending on a laser printer. Confirmation is applied to the package of documents. This confirmation is presented later when interviewing.

If the questionnaire has been filled incorrectly, it contains errors or incomplete or unreliable information, it is necessary to fill out the form again and assign the date of the new interview.

Optional questionnaire (form DS-157) Filled in both men and women (regardless of age) in the case when the purpose of the visit is to visit scientific conferences, research work, participation in business meetings, studies in graduate school or work in the scientific field.
This questionnaire is filled "by hand" or on the computer only in English. The questionnaire must be printed and attached to the main package of documents. Instructions for filling out the form DS-157 and the translation of statement issues into our can be found on the official website of the US Embassy.

Requirements for photos

Paper photos

  • Photo sizes – 5×5 cm;
  • Photos must be made no earlier than six months before the visa appeal;
  • The person must be in the center of the frame, its sizes in the picture (from the top of the chin) – 2.5-3.5 cm; Eyes should be from 2.8 to 3.5 cm from the lower edge of the photo;
  • Photos should be colored on a white or bright monochrome background, without corners, ovals and frames;
  • In the photo, the applicant must be depicted without glasses / sunglasses, hats and scarves, except when it is necessary for religious or medical reasons;
  • Photos should have all applicants, including children included in the passport of their parents;
  • Visas in Puerto Rico
  • Photos are not glued to the profile.

Electronic photos

  • JPEG format
  • File no more than 240 kilobytes
  • "square", The minimum sizes of the picture are 600×600 pixels, the maximum dimensions – 1200×1200 pixels;
  • The person must be in the center of the frame, its sizes in the picture (from the top of the chin) should take from 50% to 69% of the photographs in height;
  • An image of the eye should come to a portion of photographs 56% and 69% of the bottom edge.

To prepare a photo to an electronic questionnate, we recommend using a special editing and checking system on the website of the US Department of Immigration (Flash required).

Visa registration for children

  • a copy of the active visa of the parent, if any;
  • Documents confirming the purpose of the trip and route;
  • For children traveling accompanied by one of the parents or third parties, it is necessary to provide a notarized permission (and its copy) on the removal of a child from the remaining parent (parents).

Children under 14 years old are exempt from fingerprint scanning procedure. In some cases, the consulate reserves the right to call for an interview one or both parents. At the same time, the presence of a child under the age of 14 years is not required.

Applicants between the ages of 14 and 16 are permitted to come to an interview, accompanied by parents or proxies, as they can provide useful information on interview, which will help speed up the process of consideration of the application for a visa.

Consular fee

Consular fee is $ 160 for annual multiple visas category B (including B1 / B2). The collection is paid before submitting documents in the branches of the VTB24 bank, the Mail of the our Federation or with the help of a bank card (nonimmigrative visas and visas of category K) Visa, MasterCard in rubles at the bank’s rate on the day of payment.
Payment by bank card is carried out on the site of CJSC "our Standard Bank". In the case of a successful transaction to the email address specified by the payer, a receipt will be sent, containing the identification code necessary for recording for an interview in the consulate.

Consular fee is charged in full with each applicant, including children included in the parental passport. Forms of receipts for payment payment can be downloaded from the information resource of the US Diplomatic Mission in Russia.

The expiration date of the consular fee is 1 year from the date of payment. During this period, it is necessary to sign up for an interview, otherwise it will be necessary to pay again.

You can sign up for an interview in two business days after payment. To write, you must specify the payment identification number, which consists of the date and the actual number of the receipt: the first six digits – the day, month and year, the following – the number of the document (all the numbers are entered in a row without spaces, points and commas).

Consular fee is not returned and can not be used to pay a visa of another person.

Document filing and visas

Submit documents personally in the Visa Department of the Embassy or Consulate of the United States. Reception is carried out only by appointment, which is made through the website of the information resource of the US diplomatic mission in Russia.

In order to sign an interview and delivery of biometric data, you need to fill the DS 160 visa application form, then go through the registration procedure on the above site, fill the form for recording, specifying the place of submission of documents for a visa, passport number, DS 160 questionnaire and identification number Payment. After that, the applicant will be able to choose the date and time of visiting the consulate in the online mode.

You can also sign up for an interview by calling center: +7 (495) 668-10-87, 8-800-100-25-54 (in Russia, a call is free) from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 20.00.

On the appointed day, it is necessary to come to a consulate with a full package of documents (passport, photo, questionnaire DS 160, documents in support of application, receipt of consular fees). pass the procedure for removing biometric data. This procedure takes place all applicants aged from 14 to 79 years. Starting from November 07, 2007, prints of all 10 fingers are filmed. If the applicant has cuts, corns or other temporary damage to the pillows of fingers, it will need to transfer the date of the procedure and appears to the embassy after healing damage.

Getting a passport with a ready visa

Visa readiness information can be obtained on the website of the information portal or by calling a call center.

Passport with a ready-made visa Consulate Returns the owner through Pony Express. At the request of the applicant, the passport can be delivered home or received in the office office. Additional charges for shipping are not charged.

If your passport with a ready-made visa in the Pony Express office will pick the owner’s trustee, he needs to provide the following documents:
– Original document certifying the identity of the representative,
– a copy of the document certifying the owner of the passport,
– The original power of attorney (in free form, notarized) from the owner of the passport, which he empowers the representative to pick up the passport. At the power of attorney, the last name and the full name of the representative, the name and name of the passport owner are indicated,
– If the owner of the passport is a minor, the power of attorney for him signs one of the parents / guardians. In this case, it is necessary to provide a copy of a person identification certificate that signed the power of attorney.

Repeated visa

  • Repeated visa appeal is carried out over the next 11 months from the date of completion of the previous visa;
  • The applicant had previously passed the procedure for scanning 10 fingers;
  • The applicant addresses the visa of the same category as the expired visa;
  • the visa appeal is carried out in the country of permanent residence of the applicant;
  • Under the previous visa, the visa did not need to obtain a special permission for issuing a visa;
  • Appeal is made in accordance with the requirements of the US immigration legislation.

In this case, the documents for a visa are served through the company PONY EXPRESS. Recording through the US Dipmission Information Resource is not required!
Before submitting documents, you need to pay consular fee, fill out the DS 160 questionnaire, print inventory documents in two copies. In the envelope, you must invest a passport, questionnaire, documents in supporting the application, receipt of payment of collection, one instance of the inventory of documents. The second instance is provided by an employee of the courier company to verify. After that, the package of documents will be sent to the Visa Department of Embassy or Consulate. Passport with a ready-made visa Consulate Returns the owner through Pony Express. At the request of the applicant, the passport can be delivered home or received in the office office. Additional fees for PONY EXPRESS services are not charged.

Deadline for Visa

The period of registration of visas is from 3 to 30 days, depending on the degree of consulate’s workload and the need for inspections and additional administrative processing of each specific application.

As soon as a positive solution is made, the visa passes into the passport and on the same day returns through the PONY EXPRESS service to be sent to the applicant.

Duration of Visa

The Embassy and Consulates of the United States issues multiple visas of category B (B, B-1, B1 / B2) one year, three years.
When repeated circulation, a three-year visa is issued.

In very rare cases there is a visa with limited territorial actions for a period of action for 3 months.

Duration of stay on the territory of Puerto – Rico

The validity of the visa, 3 years, makes it possible to enter the country during this period. The term of stay on the territory of Puerto – Rico (legal status of finding) is determined when crossing the border by an immigration officer in each particular case, depending on the circumstances.

Entry on the territory of Puerto – Rico can be carried out even on the last day of the visa.

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