Visas in Poland Personal experience

Visas to Poland: personal experience

I apply for a visa through the Visa Center of the Republic of Poland in Moscow (Marshal Zhukova, 7). Visa I needed a business. I had a scanned invitation from the company. Here is a list of my documents:
1. Photo 1 piece
2. profile
3. Skan-invitation from the company (printing and signature of the head)
4. Help from work
5. Photocopy Zagran
6. Photocopy of an internal passport
6. Insurance (can be issued there)

In the visa center immediately checked the documents. Dali e-queue ticket. I walked over to the window all documents again looked. Made insurance. Asked about delivery. There was my mistake. I ordered delivery. The passport was not delivered on time. I refer to the error in the address (there was no error). And not even called by phone. Did nothing at all! So it is convenient to decorate through the visa center, but do not order delivery.

While the Schengen Multiviza for 5 years of the Poles will not give me

Visa to Poland alone

Submission of documents to the consulate of Poland independently

Everything is very simple and easy, I’m there quite often. Before the holidays, there is always a queue, both before the New Year and in front of May and T.NS. Come to the hour at eight, then 99%, that share the documents. First you need to register (on the street before entering the consular department).

Documents decompose in order:

1. Questionnaire, completed and signed, with glued photo (photo should be 3.5 to 4.5 with a big head).

2. Invitation (hotel reservation).

Visas in Poland Personal experience

3. Help from work.

4. Extract from the Bank, Financial Garnatia.

5. Insurance policy (if you do not have it, you can safely arrange him near the consulate, all policies are real there).

6. Copies of all previous Schengen visas and a copy of the first page of the passport.

Documents collected, before entering the mobile phone turned off, went to the window to register. There you will be checked everything, will give a check, then go to the consular department. Do not forget from pockets to pull out: stitching and cutting (scissors, sharpening all sorts too), firearms, gas balonchips, in general, everything that can threaten a person. Pass, pay for the consular fee, take another turn and submit documents for a visa, and after five working days – take. You can and faster if you have no less than three days later, you pay twice as much for that (70 euros). Employees there are different, there are pretty friendly and vice versa, sometimes it seems that you can bite. See how simple.

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