Visas in Paraguay

Visas in Paraguay

our citizens to visit Paraguay does not need a visa in case the purpose of the visit is tourism, transit, visiting friends or relatives, a short-term business trip, and the stay in the country does not exceed 90 days at each 180-day period. In the event that a longer stay is planned, a visa must be issued in advance by contacting the Consulate of Paraguay in Moscow or at the Paraguay embassy in Germany, Italy, Uruguay, Brazil and T.D.

Border crossing

For entry into Paraguay, a passport is required, valid at the time of entry into the country, reverse tickets or tickets to the third country, evidence of sufficient cash for staying in the country (immigration workers do not always check these documents).

Since an agreement on visa-free entrance is only beginning to act, a number of airlines, especially in Latin and South America, may not be aware of changes. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with the landing on the flight, it is advisable to have a printout from the site of the Paraguay embassy in Russia and from the Timatic system, which is the official visa directory for all airlines of the world:

National our Fed. (RU)
Destination Paraguay (PY)

Passports and / or Passport Replacing Document Must Be Valid
ON Arrival.

Visas in Paraguay

Visa Required, EXCEPT FOR A MAX. Stay of 90 Days

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