Visas in Palestine

Visas in Palestine

Autonomy does not carry out its policies in the field of entering foreigners. External borders of the West Bank are controlled by Israel. Entry to the territory of autonomy can be carried out from the territory of Israel or Jordan (border crossing "Allenby"). In any case, the tourist will stand an Israeli entrance stamp. Pre-visa to Israel is not required to draw up to Citizens, if the stay in the country does not exceed 90 days.

Formally foreign tourists who want to visit autonomy should receive a special permit from the military administration. Due to the incomprehensibility of the procedure for paperwork, giving the right to enter Palestine, recently dozens of foreigners have been forced to change the route of their travel, having travelers in Palestinian territory. Tourists needed to provide the references that they allegedly had to get in their homeland in Israel’s Consulate. In some cases, the entry permits were issued by IDF (Israel Defense Army). On the other hand, thousands of tourists visited Palestinian cities from Israel without any permits in principle. Based on the foregoing, tourists wishing to visit Palestine, it is recommended to consult with the Israeli authorities to avoid probable misunderstandings with representatives of the Army and Police.

Visas in Palestine

Foreigners wishing to visit Jericho City, Bethlehem, as well as a number of monasteries located in the Palestinian territories as part of the excursion group, entry permission to autonomy issues a travel agency-organizer. Lists of tourists are sent in advance to Israeli posts controlling entry into Palestine.

Currently, entry into the gas sector is practically impossible for tourists because of the extremely dangerous political situation, aggravating the confrontation between the ruling in the anklava of the Islamists of Hamas and the Israeli army.

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