Visas in Palau

Visas in Palau

our citizens for a trip to Palau for a period of up to 30 days do not need to design a visa in advance, it is put on the border.

In case a longer visit is planned, a visa must be issued in advance at US consulates located in the our Federation.

Citizens of the United States visa are not required, citizens of Canada should only make photos and identification card. Citizens of many Western European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Japan can take advantage of the American program of mutual refusal from visas if they intend to stay in Palau for less than 3 months.

Visa upon arrival

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months from the date of entry into Palau;
  • Return railway tickets or tickets to the country of the final follow-up with a fixed date or permission to enter, signed by the head of the Palau immigration service;
  • Proof of the availability of sufficient financial resources for traveling at the rate of $ 200 per week per person. Such evidence includes cash or traveler checks.

A visa received upon arrival, if necessary, can be extended by contacting the immigration service of the islands.

Visa collection is $ 50. Visa Extension Collection – $ 100.

Visa Registration at US Consulate

To obtain a visa category in (short-term visit), you must provide the following documents:

  • Passport, operating within 6 months from the moment of entry into Palau;
  • Old passport (and its copy) if there were visas of the United States, Canada, the Schengen countries, the UK;
  • Visas in Palau
  • 2 Color photos of 5×5 cm sizes;
  • Filled in English questionnaire with the applicant’s personal signature in the form of DS-156. Men between the ages of 16 and 45 also need to fill out the form DS-157;
  • Invitation from the host (from a tourist company or from relatives or friends, or from business partners in Palau). The invitation indicates the status of an inviting person / company in the United States, the purpose of the applicant’s visit, the timeline and place of its stay;
  • certificate from the applicant’s work indicating the post, salary, work experience. For owners of IP / FBYLE – a copy of the registration certificate, a copy of the certificate of registration of an enterprise for tax accounting. For non-working or pensioners – a statement of sponsoring a trip from close relatives, copies of documents confirming the relationship, certificate from the work of sponsors and (or) any other documents confirming their financial well-being and the ability to pay a trip;
  • evidence of the applicant’s financial consistency: statements from bank accounts, copies of tax returns and t. NS.
  • Documents confirming the social, economic and / or family ties of the applicant with Russia (documents indicating ownership of property, a copy of the marriage certificates, the birth of children, on the registration of its own enterprise and T.NS.);
  • information about close relatives and copies of documents confirming the degree of kinship;
  • For students and schoolchildren, a birth certificate (copy) is needed, a certificate from the place of study, a copy of the student ticket, a statement about the sponsorship of a trip from parents and documents confirming their financial well-being and the ability to pay a trip;
  • It is desirable (but not necessary) to provide a copy of the insurance policy, valid for all time traveling;
  • For children traveling accompanied by one of the parents or third parties, it is necessary to provide a notarized permission to export a child from the remaining / remaining parent / parents.

Rules for filling visa profiles

Electronic questionnaire (form DS-156)

DS-156 form form filled "by hand", Not taken to consideration. Instructions for filling out the DS-156 form and translation of the issues of the application for our to facilitate the procedure for filling the questionnaire can be found on the official website of the US Embassy (WWW.usembassy.RU).

Optional questionnaire (form DS-157)

Requirements for photos

  • Photo sizes – 5×5 cm;
  • The head should be located in the center of the frame, its dimensions in the picture (from the top of the chin) – 2.5-3.5 cm; Eyes should be from 2.8 to 3.5 cm from the lower edge of the photo;
  • Photos should be colored on white or bright background;
  • Photos should have all applicants, including children included in the passport of their parents;
  • Photos are not glued to the profile.

Procedure for registration of visa

Visa documents are submitted in Pony Express offices. Company employees in accordance with the schedule specified by the consular departments of the US Embassies in the our Federation, assign the date and time of the applicant’s fingerprints in the embassy and, if required, interviews. The applicant is obliged to come to the embassy at the specified time. The passage will be a receipt issued on the day of submission of documents in the Pony Express office.

Dates of registration of Visa

The standard period of registration of visas ranges from 7 to 30 days, depending on the degree of consulate’s workload and the need for inspections and additional administrative processing of each specific application. As soon as a positive decision is made, the visa is inserted into the passport and on the same day returns through the Pony Express service to the applicant.

Duration of Visa

Visa duration category B – 1 year. If necessary, you can get a visa for a period of action 2 years, but this moment remains at the discretion of the consul.

Consular fee

Currently, the consular fee is $ 100 for visas category B and C. The collection is paid in the ruble equivalent when submitting documents in Pony Express offices and is not refundable in the event of a visa failure. PONY EXPRESS courier services charge is also charged, which in Moscow and the Moscow region is 700 rubles. No discounts on children.

About tariffs in other regions can be found by phone: 8-800-200-76-69, (495) 981-19-56.

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