Visas in Pakistan

Visas in Pakistan

To visit Pakistan, citizens of Russia and the CIS require a visa.

Tourist visa

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 6 months from the end of the trip;
  • a copy of the passport (the first page with the applicant’s data and pages with visas);
  • Copy of all filled internal passport pages;
  • 3 Color photos 3.5×4.5 cm;
  • The profile filled in English and signed by the applicant personally – is issued in the consular department;
  • Invitation from a tourist company officially registered in Pakistan (the receiving party sends an invitation by e-mail to the applicant and fax to the consular department);
  • Hotel reservation (enough printing from any booking system in English).

As a rule, air tickets or other tickets are not required. Also to persons going to Pakistan for the purpose of tourism, you can pass interviews with the consul – in this case, you will not need an invitation.

Visas in Pakistan

Guest Visa

Guest visa is issued to persons wishing to visit friends and relatives in Pakistan. To get a guest visa, it is required to provide the same set of documents as for tourist. At the same time, an additional invitation from the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, which is in Islamabad.

Transit visa

This type of visas is issued to persons who intend to proceed through the territory of Pakistan to the Third Country, and whose stay in Pakistan will not exceed 72 hours. A visa-free transit is possible only if the passenger follows the third country to the same flight with which he arrived in Pakistan, and does not leave the transit airport zone. To make a transit visa, the same package of documents is required, as for traveling, additionally should be attached to the route plan (in English) or tickets all over the route.

Consular fee

Consular fee is paid directly to the consulate when submitting documents in US dollars.

  • Single tourist / guest visa – $ 120;
  • Multiple tourist / guest visa – $ 300;
  • Transit visa – $ 105;
  • Visa Extension – $ 90.

Procedure for registration of visa

Documents can be submitted personally, as well as through a trustee, but in this case you need to provide a power of attorney from the applicant to submit documents (in English, notarized) to the consular department of the Pakistan Embassy. You can also send documents using courier postal services.

Documents are accepted from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00, issuing ready-made visas – from 14.00 to 16.00. Additional information about the work of the consulate can be obtained by calling +7 (499) 254-97-91 (English only!). In the case of non-standard situations (for example, you need more than stays, urgent registration is required, no invitation) It makes sense to pass a personal interview with the consul, as a rule, most issues are solved in favor of the tourist. It is important to remember that for the interview it is necessary to have at least minimal knowledge of the English language to voice your problem, the purpose and date of visit and T.NS.

Deadline for Visa

The standard period of registration of visas – 5-7 business days from the date of submission of documents. It is possible to design a tourist visa in urgency – on the day of appeal, in this case the amount of collection doubles.

Duration of Visa

The standard validity period of the visa is 3 months, the period of stay – 30, 45 or 60 days (in the latter case the request is sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country).

Multiple visas are issued for a period of 3 years with the right entry to the country up to six times a year, stay – no more than 3 months in every visit.

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