Visas in Pakistan Personal experience

Visas in Pakistan: Personal Experience

Came for the first time, with the armor of the hotel and airfalls, departure to India to Amritsar. Sent for invitations authorized tour. Companies. The week of correspondence, 55 US dollars through Western Union (thought that money was nowhere) and an invitation with a license on hand. 21.12.2017 brought all documents (questionnaire in English (issued on site), passport and 1 copy of the main page, 2 photos, 105 US dollars, certificate from work (in our), an invitation with a license). 29.12.2017 took the passport with a visa. Nobody speaks our. English only.

Obtaining a visa to Pakistan

All this was engaged in local travel agency. Tourist visa is issued only if there is a letter from the travel agency with a request to issue a visa. We ordered our trip from the agency, which in his blog has advertised Sergey and through which he drives. His (agency) knows well in the Moscow embassy and just show the printout of an email with a request to issue a visa. At the same time, the visa is issued after the interview with the consul, which is wildly interesting to look at the next psychopaths who gathered in his country to travel 🙂 The number of tourists in Pakistan does not exceed thousands of 2 people like. This is from all over the world, and not just from Russia.

Visas in Pakistan Personal experience

Permites are not very necessary everywhere: For simply driving on KKH, you can not have it, only then on every post to lose more time on rewriting all your data into the barn book. Although, it is probably possible to give a list of groups without Permta, prepared in advance.

Permit on trekking is needed only in the areas border with India. Well, or who considers it to be there – she is still not marked and where exactly she passes no one exactly knows.

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