Visas in Oman

Visas in Oman

Citizens of Russia and the CIS for entering Oman is required visa. Citizens of Russia visa can be issued through a sponsor in Oman, as a private person who is a citizen of this country, or a tour operator, officially registered in Oman.
Tourist and transit visas at the Embassy of Oman in Moscow Not issued!

According to 2021, the passport must operate at least 6 months from the date of entry into Oman. Passport must be "Machine-readable".

Visa by arrival

For a period of no more than 10 days, a visa in Oman citizens of Russia may place on arrival. Visa can be paid by Omansky rials or bank card. We need a hotel reservation, a ticket (back or third country) and insurance.

E-visa in Oman

Online visa to Oman can be framed on the website WWW.ROP.GOV.OM / OnlineServices / Evisa / En /.

Registration of a visa through the tour operator in Oman

  • a scanned copy of the passport, the validity of which is at least 6 months at the time of entry into the country;
  • One color photo on a monophonic background (background color – blue) 4 x 6 cm (in scanned form size of at least 500 MB)
  • The questionnaires filled in English, which contains the following data:
    – Surname, name and patronymic of the applicant,
    – Applicant’s date birth date,
    – Passport number, date of its issuance and expiration date,
    – The name and surname of the applicant’s mother,
    – Accurate dates and place of the last foreign trip,
    – citizenship,
    – Place of work and position,
    – Home address and applicant phone,
    – Travel time.
  • Scan armor hotel (usually one of the main conditions is a reservation of your hotel through a company that will open a visa).

All these documents must be sent by the receiving party, which in turn sends a request to the immigration service of the Sultanate Oman. The visa is drawn up within 7-10 business days.
Documents should be sent directly to the receiving party to Oman, or travel firms, which are their representatives in the our Federation (the list of firms can be clarified at the Oman Embassy in Moscow).

Visas in Oman

In the case of a positive response, the applicant for fax or e-mail will be sent a confirmation of the opening of a visa, which must be present during registration for flight. Upon arrival in Oman at the airport, the tourist will be issued the original visa by a representative of the host side to passport control racks.

Visa fees

For registration of a visa through a receiving company charged in the amount of 30 OMR, which must be transferred to the host company in Oman. The receiving party additionally charges from $ 35 to $ 70 for its services. On average, the final value of the visa is $ 90-110.

Valid term of a visa

The validity period of the visa issued through the receiving side is three weeks. Such a visa gives the right to one entry into the country and stay there for no more than three weeks from the moment of entry.

Valid term of a visa

A single visa (Express Visa) is valid for half a year from the date of issue and gives the right to stay in the country up to three weeks.

Transit visa

A visa-free transit is prohibited, except in cases where the transplantation for the next flight is carried out within 6 hours from the moment of arrival, while the airport transit zone is prohibited.
On citizens of Russia Do not apply Rules for receiving a transit visa by 72 hours by arrival in Oman. If the transit exceeds 6 hours, the visa must be treated in advance (the design rules are the same as for a trip to tourism).

Refusal of visa

In most cases, the visa will be denied women in returning to 30 years, going to travel alone in the country (unaccompaning spouse / friend, brother, father / parents).

Israeli stamps or other marks in the tourist passport are not a reason to refuse a visa or in the entrance to Oman.

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