Visas in New Zealand

Visas in New Zealand

Citizens of Russia and the CIS for a trip to New Zealand requires visa.

Entrance visa (tourism, private visit)

This visa is issued to persons whose goal is tourism, private visit to friends or relatives. Owners of this category of visas are not eligible to work or carry out any activity related to the extraction of profits in New Zealand. Application for a visa and documents in support of the application can be submitted "paper version" In the visa center of New Zealand in Moscow. You can also apply online for the Immigration Service of New Zealand.

Application application online

Before applying, you need to create a personal account on the Immigration Service website of New Zealand.

After that, you must fill the visa profile (in English only), following the instructions of the system. For filling up the questionnaire is given 30 minutes. At any time, the applicant can save data, and return to filling later. After filling out all the points of the questionnaire, it is necessary to attach a photo and documents in support of a visa application in accordance with the check list, which automatically gives out the system (as a rule, that boobs that for paper carriers, see. below). After that, you need to pay a visa collection with a bank card. In the case of a positive decision, a notification will come to the applicant’s address, which should be printed and together with a passport to provide a visa center for further sending to the Visa Department of the New Zealand Embassy.

Submission of documents on paper in VS

The following documents are needed:

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 3 months from the end of the trip;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport with the applicant’s personal data;
  • 2 recent color photographs 35 x 45 mm, without corners and oval, on bright background. On the reverse side, you should write the name and surname of the applicant;
  • In the case of a tourist trip or private visit – Questionnaire INZ1017,

Group visa

This visa can be issued to a group of persons (5-14 people), in case they are sent to New Zealand with the same goal (for example, an organized tour) will entry and depart from the country at the same time in the same time same flight. In this case, each of the participants in the group to the passport will not be incurred by a visa sticker – the total visa will be pasted on the group form form in which all participants of the trip are listed. At the same time, each of them at the entrance to the country to the passport will be affixed. The form with a group visa is presented on passport control of the group leader.

Such a visa gives the right to a single entry, the period of validity – 30 days to enter.

Transit visa

A visa-free transit is prohibited, except in cases where Australia is the final follow-up (in this passport there must be a valid Australian visa, and the period of stay in New Zealand is limited to 24 hours). In any other cases, the visa is necessary even when the time of staying in the country is less than 24 hours (the exit outside the controlled airport zone is not allowed). To obtain a transit visa to the Visa Department of the New Zealand embassy, ​​the following documents are provided:

  • Passport, whose validity period is at least 3 months from the end of the trip;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport with the applicant’s personal data;
  • 2 recent color photographs 35 x 45 mm, without corners and oval, on bright background. On the reverse side, you should write the name and surname of the applicant;
  • Questionnaire INZ1019. The profiles of the questionnaire must be filled in English only, on a computer or hand (printed letters, picking up), and signed by the applicant personally (parents or legal representatives subscribe for minors);
  • Additional form filled in English;
  • originals and copies of airline tickets all over the route;
  • visa to the country of the final follows, if required;
  • In the event that it is supposed to stay on the territory of New Zealand more than 24 hours, it is also necessary to confirm the hotel’s hotel with printing and signature of the responsible person.

New Zealand immigration department reserves the right to request additional documents or call the applicant for an interview.

Requirements for documents provided

All documents provided to support visa application must be drawn up in English or translated into English. The following requirements are presented to translation:
– translation is performed in the official translation bureau;
– Requires the transfer of translation by notary or the seal of the translation agency;
– Translation is performed on an official bureau form with the name of the surname, the name and patronymic of the translator;
– An original document is attached to the translation (or a notarized copy) in our;
– It is necessary to complete and clear translation of the entire text, the reduction is not allowed;
– The translations performed by members of the family / relatives of the applicant or other persons who may be interested in issuing a visa.

Visas in New Zealand

Long-term stay in New Zealand

For the stay in New Zealand for a period of more than 6 months it is necessary to provide an X-ray of the chest (form NZIS1096), and for stay for more than 24 months – a medical certificate (form NZIS1007), filled, signed and certified by personal seal of the insurance doctor. All medical certificates are valid for 3 months.

Faces over 17 years old, planning a trip to New Zealand for a period of more than 24 months, must submit from the police / police of their country and those countries in which they lived more than 5 years after reaching 17 years of age, certificate / certificates for the absence of criminal record.

Procedure for registration of visa

Documents can be submitted in person personally either through the travel agency accredited in the immigration departments of New Zealand, or through a trustee (in this case it is necessary a power of attorney from the passport owner in the form approved by the Department of Immigration New Zealand).

Reception of documents is conducted at the Visa Center of New Zealand in Moscow.
Reception and issuance of documents are made from 09.00 to 16.00. Monday through Friday.
The necessary information regarding the design of visas and submission rules can be obtained by visa center flights +7 (499) 703-4527, +7 (499) 704-3462 (from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 17.00) either by telephone Department of Immigration New Zealand in Moscow: +7(495)956-2642, from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 to 11.00 and from 16.00 to 17.00).

Sending passport mail

For those who submit an application for a visa online, in most cases it is required to provide the original passport to the Embassy of New Zealand. This can be done only through the visa center of New Zealand in Moscow. A notification from the consular department must be applied to the passport.
The passport in the visa center can be provided personally through a trustee or mail or through the courier delivery service at the address: Visa Center of New Zealand, 127018, Moscow, ul. Sustvian shaft, 31/1
In the latter case, it is necessary to attach a receipt of payment of service fee in the amount of 1425 rubles.

Dates of registration of Visa

Standard dates for visas:

  • 14 days for persons whose goal is tourism or transit through the territory of New Zealand to the third country;
  • from 14 days to 30 days for persons involving a private trip.

In some cases, the consulate may request additional documents from the applicant, with the term of consideration of the application for a visa can be increased.

Consular fee

The visa fee for the guest visa is 165 NZD (paid by a bank card when making an online statement).
Visa collection when submitting documents in the visa center – 7750 rubles.
For a group visa, the collection is 3,800 rubles from each member of the group.

When applying for a visa center is charged a service collection from each applicant in the amount of 1900 rubles. The collection is paid in rubles. Collection can be paid in cash at the ticket office, as well as with the help of banking (credit and debit) cards, or through the bank.

If the applicant plans to pay for fees with a bank card, it needs to fill in the appropriate item in the visa questionnaire, indicating the details of the map.

In case of failure in a visa, fees are not returned.

Monetary pledge

In some cases, applicants for a guest visa, in respect of which the consulate workers have a suspicion that they may remain in New Zealand after the expiration date of the visa, it is proposed to make a cash pledge. Pledge cannot be proposed for other risks, such as health-related health and T.D. Also, the deposit is not required if we are talking about minor children.

If the applicant left the country until the expiration of the residence permit and during his stay did not violate the legislation of New Zealand, the deposit is returned in full. Pledge can make both the applicant himself and the inviting party. The need to deploy collateral workers in the consular department inform the applicant in writing.

The maximum amount of pledge per person is 5 thousand New Zealand dollars, a statement – 10 thousand New Zealand dollars.

Duration of Visa

Over-time tourist or guest visas are usually issued, the expiration date is from 30 days to 6 months (visas are most often issued for 30 days), in some cases – up to 9 months (mainly issued by the fact that it goes to New Zealand for study. Treatment or visits close relatives).
There is also a multiple visitor visa for a period of 3 years, but it is issued to those who comply with the requirements of the program "Parent and Grandparent".
Tourists long visas are not issued.

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