Visas in Nepal

Visas in Nepal

Citizens of Russia and the CIS for entering Nepal requires a visa. Visa can be obtained both at the Consular Department of the Nepal Embassy in Moscow and upon arrival at the border.

The maximum period of stay in Nepal is 150 days during the visa year (t.E. in the period from January 1 to December 31).

If the tourist left the country before the expiration of the visa during the previous visa year, it cannot use the remaining number of days in the new visa year. (In other words, if in 2014 the tourist was issued visa for a period of 90 days, of which he stayed in Nepal 70, he must spend the balance in the form of 20 days to spend until December 31, 2014; In 2015, these 20 days will not use.)

Visa design at the border

  • passport, the validity period of which is at least
  • 2 recent identical pictures of 3×4 cm
  • Filled visa profile. For those who are planning to enter Nepal through the Tribanue International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu, as well as through the CPP Kodari (Kodari), Belarus (Belahia), Bhairava (Bhairawa), Pokhara (Pokhara) Department of Immigration recommends Fill out an online statement on your site. To the completed questionnaire, you must attach the file with the photo of the applicant (1.5" X 1,5"). After the questionnaire is sent, a receipt will appear on the screen with the applicant data and the unique number. It must be printed and present on passport control. The questionnaire needs to be fill out no earlier than 15 days before the entrance;
  • In the event that the purpose of travel is hiking in the Himalayas (trekking), it is also necessary to provide permission (Trekking Permits) from the Department of Immigration Department.

The maximum term for which the visa is made upon arrival – 90 days. Visa fee for a tourist visa is paid in dollars or equivalent in local currency.

Depending on the number of days of stay in Nepal is:
– up to 15 days – $ 25,
– up to 30 days – $ 40,
– up to 90 days – $ 100.

In the case of a transit visa, you must submit tickets to the third country and a visa if such required. Cost of transit visa – $ 5.

Children up to 10 years from paying collection.

Visa registration at the Consulate of Nepal

Visas in Nepal

For a visa, you must provide the following documents:

  • passport, the validity period of which is at least 6 months from the start of the visa;
  • a copy of the Passport Page with the applicant data;
  • 2 recent identical pictures of 3×4 cm in size, black and white or colored;
  • The questionnaire filled in English and signed by the applicant personally;
  • In the event that the purpose of travel is hiking in the Himalayas (trekking), it is also necessary to provide permission (Trekking Permits) from the Department of Immigration Department

The procedure for applying for a visa and the deadline for visa

Reception of documents and issuance of finished visas is carried out at the Embassy of Nepal in Moscow from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 12.00.

Dates of visa and consular fees

The deadline for the design of the Nepalese visa – 1 working day.

Charge for the design of multi-time time for up to 30 days is $ 40. Payment is made in dollars when submitting documents in the consular department.

Extension of a visa

If necessary, a tourist visa can be extended while on the territory of Nepal. To do this, contact the nearest office of the Immigration Department, fill out the questionnaire and pay the collection of $ 20, plus an additional duty – $ 2 for every day of extension.

Immigration Department strongly recommends applications for extending visas to fill out online. When applying for an extension of a visa to the immigration office in Pokhara, only questionnaires made filled online.

Trekking Permits

The design of Trekking Permits is engaged in the agencies that organize hiking in the mountains. This document is mandatory to visit mountain areas and is checked by the police.

Price "Permit" It is listed on the website of the Immigration Department of Nepal and depends on the route and the duration of the campaign.

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