Venice closed for cruise liners

Venice closed for cruise liners

Venice is one of the most visited cities of Italy. Here come both with excursions and on cruise liners. It was the claims of the inhabitants of the city that did not have a ban on the passage of large vessels on city canals. Finally, a decision was made by the limiting movement of the driving tribes in the Venetian water area from January 1, 2014, and from November 1, 2014, a full ban is introduced. Venetians protested against cruise liners, fearing possible shipwrecks. Since the courts come close to buildings, they could destroy historical development and sights of Venice, writes http: // Travel-EU.NET /, as well as in case of crash – lead to significant victims.

Fear for the safety of historical buildings of Venice and the World Monument Protection Fund. Last year, the city entered the list of cultural objects under threat. Moreover, according to the organization, cruise tourism is the main danger. Note that over the past five years, the number of tourists who arrived in Venice on cruise liners increased fourfold and in 2012 practically reached 800 thousand people. In total, more than 650 liners go to the port of Venice, which, together with cargo ferries, is almost 1.5 thousand ships.

Venice closed for cruise liners

Thanks to the ban on the entrance to the city of large ships, the authorities of Venice want to preserve the sights of the city, but they do not plan to say goodbye to cruise tourists. The city’s city hall is considered plans for the construction of a new port, which will be located away from the Venetian lagoon. According to them, Euromag writes, shipyard will be reconstructed in Magrare and jets were built there for passenger liners.

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