Venetian Ghetto Sights of Venice Travel Guide

Venetian ghetto

Venetian ghetto – Historical Venetian Quarter, where the Jews lived in the Middle Ages in Venice, which is located in the Cannaregio region. It is from the name of this place and the word has spread around the world «ghetto».

The first Jews appeared in the Venetian ghetto back in the XII century: then they mostly settle on the island of Judecca. But in 1516, at the request of the Pope of the Roman Venetian «Council of Tithing» I rearranged all representatives of the Jewish nation in Kanachevo, hence the name – Ghetto Nuovo (ITAL. Ghetto Nuovo), that is «New smelting». This name is still used everywhere to indicate the Anklaves of Jews.

Venetian ghetto binds to the city with three bridges, at night closed gates. Initially, leave the ghetto in the night hours could exclusively doctors, later this right received all the Jews, but they were obliged to wear special hats, as well as yellow signs of differences.

It is also noteworthy that all the synagogues on the territory of the Venetian ghetto were erected by Christian architects, because the Jews were forbidden to engage in some crafts and art.

Venetian Ghetto Sights of Venice Travel Guide

Venetian ghetto over time expanded, as a result, 8-storey houses were erected here. In 1541, Ghetto Vecchio was formed (ITAL. Ghetto Vecchio, that is "Old ghetto"). Subsequently, the ghetto of Novissimo appeared (Italian. Ghetto novissimo, that is "The newest ghetto"). By this time (XIX century) more than 5 thousand lived in Venice. Jews, also numbered 5 synagogues.

In 1797, the gate of ghetto were eliminated by Decree of Napoleon. They were finally destroyed only in 1866.

Today, tourists can see the stove in the Venetian ghetto, the inscription on which it testifies to the fact that the baptized Jew, who secretly keeps the Jewish rites, will be punished, and very brutally. There is also a monument to those who died during the Holocaust (the sculptor of the Arbit of Boltasa). Interesting for visiting and the Museum of Jewish Art. And you can complete the walk on the ghetto, having bought in a kosher restaurant.

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