Värska (Värska)

Varska (Varska) – A small resort village in the southeastern part of Estonia, located on the shores of Pskov Lake, 85 kilometers southeast of Tartu, next to the our border. Population – 542 people (2011).

On the therapeutic properties of local dirt from the strait connecting the muddle of the lake with the Pskov Lake, it was known long ago, but in the late 60s of the last century, sources with mineral waters were opened here.

In 1971, the authorities declared Vyarsk – before that a small settlement founded in 1585, the resort.

Today, therapeutic and prophylactic Sanatorium Vyarsk with a spa complex and water center with aquapark is working on the territory of Virsk.

In addition to the sanatorium and the water center, there are several tourist trails, with places for swimming, resting and breeding fires. One of them is the length of more than 5 km located around the lake.

The following diseases are treated in Vyarsk:

– Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
– Music diseases
– Respiratory diseases
– Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system
– Diseases of the digestive tract
– Gynecological diseases
– Urological diseases
– Immunity strengthening, prevention of colds.

Värska (Värska)

Contraindications for visiting the resort:

– Chronic diseases in the aggravation stage
– infectious diseases
– blood disease in the stage of exacerbation
– Tuberculosis in the active stage
– Repeating bleeding
– pregnancy.

SETO TALUMUUSEUM) – A complex telling about the life of a small Finno-Ugric people living on the territory of the Pechora district of the Pskov region and the adjacent parts of South Estonia. The exposition presents a collection of needlework, as well as vintage tools.

Not far from Virski is located Meteoric crater hellish grave (Põrguhaud) 12.5 m and diameter of about 80 m. The age of the crater is about 6,000 years. You can get to the hellish grave in one of the laid tourist trails called Ilumes.

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