Vales City, Labyrinth Drielandenpunt. Attractions in Netherlands

Vales City, Labyrinth Drielandenpunt. Attractions in Netherlands

In the town Waals (Vaals), next to the highest point Netherlands and the location of the borders of 3 countries, there is one curious tourist attraction – a large labyrinth, which is called – Drielandenpunt (Translated – the point of three countries).

High walls Labyrinth are formed tightly growing shrubs, through which neither crawl or impossible to look. In its complexity Drielandenpunt refers to the category of the most difficult and entertaining maze of Europe – quickly find a way out of it will not work. Dead end, branching, unexpected obstacles, spirals and circular paths – just some features of the labyrinth, which is clearly not like an impatient or suffering claustrophobia to tourists.

In addition to the complex structure of the labyrinth, his visitors awaits quite a few surprises – suddenly drowning through the ground of water, and numerous noise, optical and other electronic tricks are confused with a sense of dubbers going to exit. If the tourist manages to the center, it can enjoy the view of the labyrinth from the booth on the elevation, watch the rolling visitors, as well as plan their escape from the puzzle.

What happens to those who do not find a way out? Of course, the administration of the labyrinth periodically sends their employees to search for unlucky walk. True, not all employees later find a way out.

In any case, die from thirst, hunger or boredom in the intricate vessels of live barriers to tourists will not give – they can always eat in one of the bars, relax on the picturesque terraces, play with children in gaming areas, or shoot in clay pigeons.

Vales City, Labyrinth Drielandenpunt. Attractions in Netherlands

The labyrinth is open from March 28 to November 1, from 10 to 18 hours (Cassa closes at 17 o’clock).

Tickets: 3.25 €, Children up to 12 years 2.75 €

Labyrint Drielandenpunt
Viergrenzenweg 97
6291 BM Vaals

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