Uzbekistan culture personal experience

Culture of Uzbekistan: Personal Experience

Food in Uzbekistan is generally very cheap, depends, of course, from place and institution, but the average check for a good full dinner – 100 rubles. You can eat everywhere, if it allows the personal level of squeezing – I, not a disgusting person, for example, but did not eat on the streets. It’s not because I was unpleasant to me, but because I just did not see anything that I would like to eat – the Uzbeks did not have the best cuisine in the world – she is incredibly fat and just liked me, even pilaf, about which I was heard Even before the trip.

I will start, of course, from bread, more precisely, the pellets from Tandara. His here eaten with everything and all the time. Sell ​​exclusively from old Soviet wheelchairs. If the pellet is fresh, then I boldly declare – I haven’t eaten deer bread anywhere! Even Istanbul baking here Mercnet. The default bread is brought to soups, meat, it is usually no less than half of the whole cake.

The second most popular food, as it seemed to me, is samsa. Samsa is different here from the one we used to see in our streets. Our triangular and is just a pate with meat and a bow out of the oven. Uzbek samsa is always done in tandan and round form. Delicious incredible!!

Scheblocks are still common here. In areas where the river flows, fish: Smeegolov, Sazan, Pepper Fish. It is also cooked straight on the street in oil.

Main Soup – Lagman. The most delicious Lagman was not far from the trolleybus stop in Khiva. In general, Lagman is difficult to call the soup – it’s rather pasta with meat lulled and vegetables.

Uzbekistan culture personal experience

Khalisa is, as I understood, a meat dish with wheat and nude. Prepare on holidays in large Casans straight in the ground

Speaking about Uzbeks, it is impossible not to say about seeds – they love them much stronger than us, even, as it seemed to me, the strongest inhabitants of Kuban

And of course fruit – first of all melons and watermelons! They are all risen, the prices of them are such that cheaper – only for free

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