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Small state of Indiana (Indiana, Area 94.3 thousand. kv. km), or "Verry State" (Hoosier – quite official nicknames of state inhabitants), clam between the southern shore of Michigan Lake and the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. This is one of the most industrial states of the country in which almost a quarter of the population works at Factories and Chicago factories, another quarter – in the state capital, Indianapolis, and only in the south you can find quiet areas of footbries, intermittent with flaps of fields and farms.

The main bait of the state is, undoubtedly, its capital Indianapolis is a real Mecca of automotive and basketball lovers.

Just 50 km north-west of Indianapolis, about Lafayette, Located a wolf park, where these predators are contained in virtually natural conditions. South lies in the city Bloomington With his old Alley Antik-Mall, University, Art Museum and the picturesque lake Monroe. Also worth visiting Indiana Dunes National Park, colorful settlements of Menonites in the northern part of the state, especially the restored village of the XIX century AMISH-Across in Supply, Settlement Conner Period of Development Prairies, Caves of Squire-Bun and Wyadott, James Dina Memorial Gallery Fermonta, second in size city state – Fort Wain – With his Museum of Lincoln, the Archaeological section of Angel-Monds near Evansville, the Museum of Aviation Grasca 40 km north of Indianapolis, a plot of one of the earliest utopian communities in the United States – New Harmony (now here is a kind of museum), as well as the Old Canal Whitewater.

USA Indiana State

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Here, in the zone of the Great Plains, the states of the so-called North-West Center (West North Central States), differ from the eastern states, for the most part, only with their natural conditions. Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio – All these states are replete with various natural monuments and protected areas, have a huge tourist potential and many places for outdoor activities, but they are of interest only for the narrow circle of travelers.

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