Urban transport in Vietnam

Urban transport in Vietnam

Urban transport even in major cities of the country developed weakly. 13 the main bus routes of the capital operate irregularly and besides the extremely confusing system of stops. The fare on a public bus within Hanoi is about $ 0.1 per trip.

The basis of public transport is a taxi and a variety of moto and velaiks ("Saiklo" or "Siklo"). The passage of travel to them should be coordinated in advance and bargain in this case is simply necessary (the fare should be not more than $ 1 in 15 minutes – the price for the passage of the injective foreigner is constantly lying to overstate at times).

Reviews and studies of trips

Vietnam. Technical post about the trip

The price of the flight was the same, by the way, that in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), which is in Hanoi, but the number of attractions in the vicinity of the capital of Vietnam has translated. Read more →

SNUS71 | Autumn 2015

Khanaya Pautina

Narrow streets, tightly overwhelmingly from all sides of the house hanging from the wires and dilapidated balconies. Diverse trash – all this reminds the walls of the log house of a huge spider. Read more →

AQUATEK FILIPS | Autumn 2014

Gallop in the resorts of Vietnam

On the night train from Ho Chip, we arrived in Nha Trang. Our route was unfortunate Nha Trang – Dalat – Muin – Ho Chi Minh City. And all this on the bus. Read more →

Urban transport in Vietnam

3Boi | Spring 2014

Ho Chi Minh, you are my Ho Chi Minh City

After the licked Singapore, Ho Chi Minhine looked quite Asian: Soutlitvo, crowded and colorful. Left the suitcases in the room, went to the market to buy food. Read more →

3Boi | Spring 2014

Save Vietnamese Winter

Vietnam met with a harsh Vietnamese winter, about plus twenty seven – twenty-eight degrees. It is funny to you! And these harsh people want in warm sweaters, in the headers and in socks! And in stores I personally saw shoes on fur! Read more →

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