Urban transport in Slovakia

Urban transport in Slovakia

Public transport in cities consists of an extensive tram network, buses and trolley buses. Travel is paid by docks that are bought in orange automata at stops (before omitting the coin, check whether the green light is lit) and composed in the cabin. One tumbler is valid for one trip. One-time tickets are about $ 0.15, a ticket for a day – $ 1, for two days – $ 2, for a week – about $ 3-5. They are sold in DPHMB offices, in underground transitions, in kiosks and cash desks at railway stations. Tickets are valid immediately after purchase, so buy them should be strictly before the trip.

City Transport Bratislava (WWW.DPB.SK) consists of buses, trams and trolleybuses. Any tickets, except for menstruation and annual travel, need to be composting at the entrance to transport.

One-time tickets are 10, 30 and 60 minutes – cost in 14, 18 and 22 crowns, respectively. The duration of the trip to the desired item is published at stops, and it is considered precisely the published time, and not really spent. Transplants are allowed. At the weekend, the ticket action for 30 minutes is extended to 45 minutes, and the ticket for 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Night routes need to buy a 60-minute ticket. Buying at once 2 or 4 tickets for 30 minutes gives a small discount – 34 crowns for 2 tickets and 66 kroons for 4.

Urban transport in Slovakia

Travel for a whole day costs 90 kroons, for two days – 170 kroons, for three days – 210 kroons. Chene all ticket for a week – it costs 310 kroons.

Twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, you can travel around Bratislava on a historic tram. Cost of a 40-minute circular trip 40 kroons.

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