Urban transport in Salou

Urban transport in Salou

Public transport in Salou is represented by Plana buses (WWW.Busplana.COM) that once in half an hour run along the entire Catalan coast from Terragon to Cambrils, as well as to Reus and Barcelona airports.

You can pay a trip from the driver. Ticket from Salou to Terragon will cost 2.55 euros. For frequent trips, you can buy an electronic charging card worth 2.5 euros. Charge it for 10 trips costs 9.7 euros. One card can be used for several people.

A trip to Barcelona and back from Salou buses Plana (route number 21) will cost 20 euros. It’s more expensive than on the train. However, first, unlike the railway, bus stops in Salou a lot and you do not have to go to the center of the Old Town on the railway station, and secondly, buses go to midnight (electric trains stop walking before).

Buses are also convenient to reach the resort of La Pineda or to Port Aventura Entertainment Park.

Electrics in Salou

Along the coast, the Renfe electric trains are running, where you can get to Barcelona (on the way to a little more than one hour, cost – from 11 euros there, back) in the north and to Valencia in the south. Railway station Salou is located in the center of the Old Town. Electric trains do not go at night.

Taxi in Salou

In Salou, you can use the services of a taxi. Official taxis painted in white. Cars with green lights included can be stopped right on the street. In hotels, bars and restaurants, taxis can be called at. Within Salou, the trip will cost about 10 euros.

Urban transport in Salou

How to get to airports

Nearest to Salou Airport is located in Reus. Ryanair type Loupeters are located in it, as well as charter flights. Plana’s bus ride will cost 6.95 euros one way and 19.95 there. The road to Taxi from Salou to Reus Airport will cost about 25-30 euros, but there may be additives to the price for a night trip, a large amount of baggage and t.NS.

A more popular airport is a little further, in Barcelona. Bus ride to one side – 13 euros, back – back – 23.95 euros.

Reviews and studies of trips

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