Uopia Park in Israel – Netanya, Israel Blogs and travel notes of tourists to Netanya on the turmp

Utopia Park in Israel – Netanya, Israel – Tourist Blog

You get to the territory of the park and you understand that I got into paradise. The riot of colors in combination with fountains.

Under the indoor dome hide from the scorching sun orchids, lilies, decorative palm trees, and also beautifully made a waterfall at the foot of which in the lake swim multicolored fish. But more liked the children’s corner, where in a small sufferment almost hand pigeons, chickens, peacocks, which can be stroked.

You go out of the root part of the park – and get to the maze, in which you can really get lost)), and if you look at the walls of the labyrinth are perched as animal heads. Near a small alleace labyrinth with large bushes, eclipsed under animals, such as elephants. There is a wall with a collection of butterflies. In the middle of the park singing fantasies, dancing under the classics and pop. On the territory of beautiful alleys with curly flowers, the park presents different types of cacti (even higher than me), beautiful flower beds are decorated. At the end of the park there is a mini-zoo, there is a small poultry house where manual parrots are sitting on the cells, followed by Tapet. They can be stroked, but you need to be careful – they bite. And big can break the bracelet with the hands, if the Taq does not vanish it in time.

Uopia Park in Israel - Netanya, Israel Blogs and travel notes of tourists to Netanya on the turmp

The park has a small exterior hall, where you can buy a gift to myself, from souvenirs, to flowers in pots.And for those who are tired and hungry – there is cafes and cozy arbors in the territory.

I advise everyone to attach the park Utopia- Pleasant pastime, bright photos and romantic setting for couples.

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