Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy in Finland

Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy in Finland

When it comes to architecture, religion has always been the greatest motivation for civilizations around the world. From temples to churches, chapels and even the pyramids, gods inspired people to create the most amazing buildings. Over time, everything has changed, and the Camppy chapel is that confirmation.

Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy in Finland Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy, Finland

Helsinki city is a megapolis, and its inhabitants lead an active lifestyle. The need to spend a few minutes in silence, being in the center of the city, inspired the team of architects to create a chapel Camppy.

Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy, Helsinki

Located on the square of Narinka Giant wooden design difficult to notice. However, it can be easily confused with modern art installation. Unlike many other chapels, which often replete decor elements, the beauty of this chapel is its simplicity.

Surreal Chapel Camppy Surreal Chapel Camppy in Finland

Contrary to impressive dimensions, the wooden structure contains only one room. Curved walls create a safety sensation, and the warm tones of the tree, illuminated from above, instantly make you feel more relaxed.

Surreal Chapel Kampai, Finland Surreal Chapel Camppy, Helsinki

Unusual Surreal Chapel Camppy in Finland

To create this surrealistic atmosphere, designers used washed alcoholic wall boards and massive wood for the bench. When visitors sit down, the outside world becomes nothing more than a distant memory. This is the perfect place to sit in silence, meditate or just clean your head.

Surreal Chapel Camppy in Helsinki Chapel Kampampi Chapel Camppy, Finland

Built in the same minimalist style, the input space is also used for local exhibitions. Easy hall with gray walls and wooden benches – an ideal place to demonstrate artwork.

Chapel Camppy in Finland Chapel Camppy, Helsinki

In 2010, the Kampapy chapel received an international architectural award and has since received millions of tourists since.

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