Unlaska – a city in Alaska, where the eagles are more than Raven

Unlaska – a city in Alaska, where the eagles are more than Raven

Unalaska town (Unalaska) is located in Alaska. His population is a little more than five thousand inhabitants. In addition to people, about 600 belocol eagles also live here.

It is this small town of Orlans to consider the safest place for nesting. And everything would be nothing if it were not enough to quickly temper these birds.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood of people and orlans is not without conflict. Especially gets to people whose houses are in close proximity to the nests of birds.

In nature, the Belogol Orlans nest on high trees. But in Unlaschka, very few trees because of the harsh climate, so Orlans are forced to build nests on the roofs of houses and other buildings created by a person.

Walking around the city, quite often you can meet warning signs with inscriptions: "Carefully, an attack of Orlans is possible".

Unlaska - a city in Alaska, where the eagles are more than Raven

The most dangerous period is the beginning of June-end of August. At this time, local residents try to bypass the field of nesting birds, but still every year there are several cases every year, when people had to seek help from the doctors after the birds attack.

The main reason why Orlans nest are here – fishing vessels that provide birds. In addition, close to the city there is a huge dump, where something edible can also dig. And only annoying people interfere with Orlans enjoy all these abundance.

Despite all the troubles and problems that birds bring, locals are already accustomed to them. Here everyone has their own story about Orlans, so the townships of the town do not try to drive them, but simply live nearby, trying to respect and do not interfere with each other.

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