Unique churches on the chilo archipelago in Chile

Unique churches on the chilo archipelago in Chile

At the coast Chile There is a group of thirty islands belonging to the Chiila Archipelago. These islands are a completely independent community, distinguished by its identity, folklore, mythology, kitchen and unique church architecture.

Unique churches on the chilo archipelago in Chile

Chile Island is so proud of its unique culture that they strongly protested when the government offered to build a bridge connecting the mainland with the islands to popularize their places among tourists. Locals believe that tourism only hurts them in a quiet and peaceful community, and may also cause environmental pollution.

Unique churches on the Chile archipelago, Chile Unique Churches on the Chile archipelago

Despite the protests of local residents, it is a contact with people of another nationality that helped create a unique architecture style, which is widespread on the islands in the construction of churches.

Unique churches for chille in Chile Unique Churches on Chile, Chile Unique Churches on Chile

Chiloe Islands Church is the result of the merger of European and local architecture.

Chille Chille Chille Chille Church, Chile

For the first time, the archipelago was discovered by the Spaniards in the middle of the XVI century. At the turn of the XVII century, Jesuits arrived here and, preaching Catholicism, began to build wooden churches with local artisans.

Unique churches on the chilo archipelago in Chile

Chile Chille Chille in Chile Church on Chile Islands

Intercultural dialogue and close labor interaction between Jesuits and local builders led to the emergence of a unique style of church architecture, which is no longer found anywhere.

Church on the islands Chile, Chile Church on the islands Chile in Chile

Once on the chilo archipelago one could see 150 wooden churches. Today they are less than seventy. Sixteen of them were announced by UNESCO World Heritage Objects.

Church, Islands Chile Church, Chile Islands, Chile Church, Chile Islands in Chile

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