UNDERWATER MUSEUM OF ART – First Underwater Museum of North America

UNDERWATER MUSEUM OF ART – First Underwater Museum of North America

In Florida There are many unique places that attract tourists from around the world. For a long time, one more amazing creation of human hands appeared here, which you need to see if you find yourself in this city of America – Underwater Museum of Art.

UNDERWATER MUSEUM OF ART, or UMA – This is the first man-made underwater museum in North America. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico, 1.2 km from the shore of Greoth Beach National Park, in South Walton. This place is very popular with tourists, it is very clean here and secluded.

UMA Underwater Museum is different from other similar structures in that all aspects of environmental purity were taken into account when it was created. Sculptures were made of environmentally friendly materials, but still contain toxins and plastic. Thus, the sculptures complement the environment, although they damage it.

All sculptures are artificial reefs, so they help restore sea life. A few decades, sculptures will be covered with corals and sea algae, which will be very fascinating under water.

UNDERWATER MUSEUM OF ART - First Underwater Museum of North America

To date, only seven sculptures are immersed at the bottom, but in the future, the team of enthusiasts plans to supplement the collection of the museum by several more exhibits.

According to the creators of the underwater museum, this project is a tribute to the famous explorer of the underwater world – Jacques. That is why the sculpture is "the head of the diver", has the face of the famous French scientist.

Immersion in the museum for free, but since it is located on the territory of the National Park, everyone who wants to visit him must pay for the entrance to the reserve. Only people who have a certificate for use of aqualung can be immersed in the museum. If you do not have, then you can make a swim with an instructor.

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