Underground catacombs of the Czech city of Jihlava

Underground catacombs of the Czech city of Jihlava

Jihlava City in Southeast Czech Republic Attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world not only with its old streets and a measured atmosphere, but also a rather extensive network of labyrinths, underground tunnels and mines remaining since the XIII century.

The city was founded in 1233, and in just forty years – in 1270, a silver ore was found not far from this place, which at that time was highly appreciated in industry.

Quite quickly, the city turned into a miner and conventionally divided into two parts – underground and ground.

After 300 years, the city covered a strong fire, which took many lives and almost completely destroyed the city. Rude stocks were depleted, and here also the thirty-year war began.

During the war, residents of the city used tunnels as shelter, because underground labyrinths consist of a whole network of corridors, the total length of which is about 25 kilometers.

Around the catacomb there is a lot of rumors who love tourists very much. One of these mysteries is the organ music that you can hear in the corridors of the mine Rivne at midnight. According to the legend, a young young man lived in the city, whose musical talent has not recognized. One day, he was accused of conspiring with the devil and closed alive in one of the walls of the mine.

Underground catacombs of the Czech city of Jihlava

Many tourists argue that they saw in the tunnels of ghosts and other evil spirits. Given that in these labyrinths, not one hundred people of people died during the war, these stories no longer seem so fiction.

Another mysterious part of underground tunnels was considered a corridor who glows in green. Later, scientists found that this light is manifested due to the content of a special mineral – Willemite.

Up to today there is no officially confirmed information about the origin and functions such an extensive network of mines.

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