UAE Dubai, Favorites

UAE: Dubai, Favorites

Megapolis, grown in the middle of the desert, call «City of Future». We decided to show the beauty of modern architecture of Dubai once again and chose to do this from each previous shooting the most interesting spherical panoramas.

Dubai leads its history from the VII century, but few people have this largest United States of United Arab Emirates associated with antiquity. Its delicate characteristic — «city ​​of the future»: After all, there is perhaps anywhere on the planet, so many incredible architectural structures, super-modern and even leading their time.

Here is just a small list of sights of Dubai. Skyscraper «Burj Khalifa», Like stalagmites, or on a deserted flower with thin petals. SELL-LED Sailing Hotel «Burj Al Arab», standing on a separate artificial island (prices per numbers start from $ 1000 per night!). 150-meter musical fountain raising 83,000 liters of water under the sounds of Arab and world hits into the air. Exciting the spirit of the artificial islands: Palm Islands (Giant Tree, Posted in the Persian Gulf Enterprise) and Archipelago World in the form of land continents.

UAE Dubai, Favorites

In addition to the sights of Dubai known as a paradise for shopping. The largest shopping and entertainment center of the Middle East — «Dubai Mall» — sheltered under his roof one of the world’s largest aquariums. «Dubai Marina» — The largest and most prestigious yacht harbor in the world, and Dubai airport in magnitude has long walked around all its competitors.

Note: Everything interesting in Dubai is either among world record holders in size, or is a pioneer in its field. And sometimes both. For example, the covered ski resort Ski Dubai — not only the largest in the region, but also the first center in the entire Middle East, where you can go skiing.

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