Turkey sailing schools are invited to swim

Turkey sailing schools are invited to swim

In the coming season, Turkey will again be one of the most visited by our tourists of countries. On the eve of the tourist boom, the country’s authorities promised not to increase the cost of summer holiday. According to the Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism Ozazlana Ozaslan, this year in Turkey is waiting for them to come about 4.5 million tourists from Russia. Last year, rest in Turkey chose 4.2 million ours. Traditionally, Turkish resorts are famous for the good value for the price and quality of service. And most our tourists choose the resort rest with one or two excursions.

But is it possible to diversify your vacation in this popular country or you need to choose another direction? Of course, the possibilities for recreation in Turkey are not limited to beaches and hotels with the system all inclusive. For example, you can take a journey through the sea on the yacht. There is not one sailing school in the country, where they teach to manage the yacht from scratch. Make a swimming can also beginners, of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. And those who already know how to manage sails can improve qualifications.

Turkey sailing schools are invited to swim

At the end of the course, everyone is given evidence of appropriate level assignment: from the sailor to the captain. And if you already have your own team, it will be easy to rent a yacht in Turkey and go to conquer the sea.

Major centers where best to engage in yachting – Marmaris, Bodrum, Pin, Hepchki. All of them are located along the coast and have a developed port infrastructure, which makes traveling on the yacht easy even for beginners.

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