Turkey, Ankara Short jog before traveling to Georgia

Turkey, Ankara: Short jog before traveling to Georgia

Somehow a couple of millennia ago, Julian drove here and in his free time I installed a column. Exactly one.

Strecks on the way to the temple of August.

Bagels in tea shop. At the same time in Seung. Meet every step.

Mosque at the temple of Augustus.

Remains of being magnitude. August, hello to you!

And old and young – .. and fountain.

Solar weather quickly changed to the opposite. Strats rain.

Behind a fortress, which was visited yesterday.

Around a lot of water pipes, but this is the most prettier. It even lined up to her.

Under us is a mosque, by the way.

Clouds, sun, clouds again. And so all day.

The whole city on such slings. Unusual.

Looking a little away, they were immediately warned by the locals, that for tourists this area is unsafe.

These hotels in this ghetto. Hotel "Villa".

Former Roman baths. Here was the cozy courtyard.

A lot of things left of the scenery, and from different era.

Actually, the baths themselves. More precisely, what remains from them.

Guess what is written here and to whom the ancient Romans are taught?

Note – An ordinary traveler takes bank cards!

Today’s lunch in Lokante "For their own". eight.5 lira for asteer and 6.5 For a complex lunch of four dishes. Plus omnipresent Coca-Cola.

Turkey, Ankara Short jog before traveling to Georgia

Develter Prof. Yes, in Ankara, there is much better things with meals than in Marmaris. More and cheaper.

Go to Georgia, she is Georgia. Forward to bus station!

Tree flowers. Not a single leaf!

Now my name is Shebold Owl. Once in childhood it was already supposed to.

But Andrei became French, now he is Andrei Borisov Jeanne! I hope in Georgia love the French;)

Bobby Bakkalieri performed "Katyusha"

Our adhere on the map


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