Tsarits Valley (Valley of the Queens)

Tsarits Valley (Valley of the Queens)

In the West Bank, Nila spread ancient necropolis – Tsarits Valley (Valley of the Queens). Here they found the rest of the wives of the powerful pharaohs and their heirs, as well as priests and Velmazby.

You can get into the valley through the gorge guarded by steles in honor of the feats of rulers of Egypt and the statues of the main gods of the Nile valley. Archaeologists found a sacred place here, where the priests were preparing the bodies of the dead to the afterlife, and about 70 rock tomb, each of whom struck by its decoration. The most beautiful tomb belongs to Nefertar Merenmouth, Ramses II Wife II. The burial chamber is decorated with fresco painting from the floor to the ceiling, illustrating the scene from the book of the dead, and the dome of the tomb resembles the starry sky. The queen itself is depicted in Osiris’s society, slowly playing with him in a game similar to chess.

Tsarits Valley (Valley of the Queens)

Unfortunately, many burials were looted, lost valuable artifacts of antiquity. Now tourists are allowed only in four tomb. The complex works from 5 am to 6 pm, for the possibility of photographing the inner decoration of the tombs will have to pay extra, for visiting the tomb of Nefertar, you will also require additional fee. To get around all the sights of the valley, you will need about an hour.

Closest attraction city – Luxor, from him to the Tsarits Valley there are only ten kilometers who can be overcome by taxi. Get to Luxor from Cairo is the most convenient for the train, but from Hurghada by bus.

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