Trumpeter festival Dragachevo. Holidays and festivals of Serbia

Trumpeter festival Dragachevo. Holidays and festivals of Serbia

Dragachevo Trumpeter Festival in Serbia extravagant and cheerful to madness, consider him visiting his tourists.

Population of a small Serbian town Gicha is 2000 people, but during the holiday, which usually takes place at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn, it is filled with half a million visits.

At the festival of beer and Rakia (local moonshine), thousands of pipes are poured at the same time, and the atmosphere of the absolute rampant reigns.

Pipes are an integral part of Folklore Balkans. The performers give them fast and insane rhythms that are still drawn to dance. As the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis said, somehow once visited the festival, "I didn’t know that you could play like that.

Festival in Gicha – This is not only a fun holiday, but also a trumpet contest. Preliminary qualifying rounds are held throughout Serbia, and the final goes to a whip, where the winner gets a golden tube. Over the years, the festival has become a meeting place for all Serbs and fans of crazy fun from the most remote corners of Europe and the world.

Trumpeter festival Dragachevo. Holidays and festivals of Serbia

Foreigners here can simply relax, drink beer, a couple of cups of cancer, and the festive atmosphere and incendiary rhythms, no doubt, even the most lazy guests are invited to dance and plunge into the street fun.

Get to Gice not so easy. This small city is located in the mountainous location where there are no good roads. During the festival, special buses from Belgrade go here. Another path begins in the neighboring city of Chachak, from where you can go to the gice on the bus, taxi or even hitchhiking. Do not worry, everyone will know what you are traveling for a holiday.

The festival is held annually, even during the war in Yugoslavia exceptions was not done.

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