Trovant – growing Romanian stones

Trovant – growing Romanian stones

In the southern part of the central Romania "live" Trovant, also known as "growing stones". They got such a name for the fact that sometimes behave like living beings – they grow, multiply, go from place to place.

Strolled most often have the shape of a ball or cylinder, and in the slice look like a tree trunk with annual rings. Weight they can be from several grams to several tons.

After the rain Strolled "come to life" – Increase in size, rapidly growing convexities appear on their surface. From time to time, stones are crowned from place to place themselves. Over time, a new nucleolo appears on the surface of the old torn, which, over time, picks up volume and mass and falls off from the parent stone, continuing with an independent life.

Strolled are the result of the cementing process, which occurred in this region 6.5 million years ago. Stones were formed from the center to the periphery, while the sand was studied with water rich in calcium carbonate. As a result, carbon dioxide salts deposited in large quantities, pressing the lower layers of deposits, lifting them and forming convexities.

Trovant - growing Romanian stones

These Live stones can be detected throughout Romania. In Bucharest hotels or in cemeteries, decorations are made (which, by the way, with time "Transfer" To another place), but, for example, in the costhrhem of the locals for a long time used Strolled As building material.

In the natural environment they are found in two places. The first – in the area of ​​Vlerya in the sandy careers is not far from the costest. Where in 2006 opened "Museum of trankov", Where are the most interesting stones, the largest of which are reached in a height of 10 meters. The open-air museum occupies a territory of 1.1 hectares.

Second place where you can see Strolled – Otsean Village (Otesani) 15 km from Horezu (Horezu). Passing along the local stream, you can find the strides of various shapes and sizes.

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