Trophies of the extreme tourist-photographer Alexey Zavodsky

"Trofi" Extreme tourist-photographer Alexey Zavodsky

I always have a mockery of the entertainment as "traveling and taking pictures". What is primary here and what is priority? And which of this benefit? But some people seem like it turns out. And even very good.

Stone Village Lamayuru and Monastery, Ladakh, India. Height 3500 meters.

I will tell you today about mad (in a good sense of the word) photographer Extremal Alexei Zavodskoy.

Village Manang in Nepal. Shooting point – about 3,600 meters. On the right lake with water of amazing azur in a wonderful stone pool. All this beauty is located at the foot of the Gangapurna Mountain, the height of which is 7455 meters.

This dude catches a special masochist kayf to fasten the mountains, mainly in Tibet, frozen in the colds in the tents, climb a height of several thousand meters and photograph what inspires it.

Mount Ushba in the predawn fog. Snapshot made during the climbing to Elbrus. The height of the shooting point is about 5100 meters.

There was already a post about what motivates people to spend mad money only in order to climb on jomolungum. And Mr. Alexey does the same, but additionally drags heavy professional equipment in a backpack. Since a simple camera in such conditions is useless.

The same village Manang in Nepal. The Valley of the Mrsiandi River, which is popular with alloy lovers.

Trophies of the extreme tourist-photographer Alexey Zavodsky

In general, his work is worthy of respect and admiration, and if you enjoy his pictures, they will come to. Just remember, it is not the Himalayas such luxury. 70% of beauty pictures ensures the skill of the artist.

The same region of Ladakh, which is called small Tibet. Another Buddhist monastery in the same village Lamayur, India. Night picture.

If you have a little resurface with the settings of the camera, the stars will be spinning without alcohol. Top Pumo-Ri, Nepal. Shooting point – 5350 meters.

And these are some frantic climbers make a walk on the cleft of the glacier near the Island Peak in Nepal. Height – about 6000 meters.

And in such conditions, Alexey lives and sleeps in the cold so that we sit on the sofa, they said: "Ddaaaaaa … beautiful …". Dawn After the storm at the passage of Mesocanto, Nepal, height is 5250 meters.

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