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Tromsoy — city ​​and municipality in Norway, the administrative center of the county of Troms.

Tromsø – the seventh most populous city in Norway, which is called emotionally «Paris of the North». It is a lively city located on an island in northern Norway and in all directions, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands. This is the largest city in the region (population of about 62,000) and residents often emphasize that their homeland – These are the most northern brewery, the Northern University, Botanical Garden, Observatory and Funicular.

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Tromsø, Norway vacation reviews hotels Tromso Guide Turproma

Usually, a lot of snow falls in Tromso in winter, although from year to year it happens differently. In the winter of 1996/1997, the Tromso meteorological service recorded a snow cover record, which was reached 240 cm on April 29. Temperature minimum is −18.4 °C, the average January temperature is equal −4 °C. Such a mild climate in these latitudes is explained by the proximity of the Golf Stream. Summer is cool enough, the average daily temperature of July is 12 °C; Day temperatures are slightly higher and range from 9 to 25 °C. In 1972, a temperature record was recorded — +thirty °C.

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Taxi: Taxi run throughout Tromso, they can be called from the hotel, the pricing and route should be negotiated in advance

Buses: car rental: 5 car rental bouts are located in Tromso

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