Troika conceptual restaurants that are worth visiting in Prague

Troika conceptual restaurants that are worth visiting in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic fully justifies its title of one of the most popular tourist points in Europe. Everything for guests of the city, including restaurants.

Since in Prague, the number of catering points exceeds reasonable limits, I think it is worth recommending a few particularly conceptual and interesting restaurants that the memories of this wonderful city remain even more.

Let’s start from the highest location – Restaurant "Oblaca". 66 meters above ground. His very interesting address – at the very top of the Zizhkovsky television tower – the buildings of interesting in all respects. Not only is the building looks like a rocket, so some babies of alien appearance crawl over its surface. Sculptures naturally.

I drew attention to this restaurant, because he has a futuristic interior, although most establishments in Prague tries to adhere to the concept of "old old". And, undoubtedly, it is from the huge stained glass windows "Clouds" opens the most luxurious view of the city.

Then our way lies in Restaurant "Lehká Hlava".

He deserves attention to at least the fact that this is one of the few Vegetarian cuisine institutions in the city, where meat dishes are very strong. Sometimes a variety of food does not hurt.

Troika conceptual restaurants that are worth visiting in Prague

The interior is impressive, the institution fully justifies its name – in a relaxed atmosphere, the head really remains light.

And now for a lot of conceptuality, visits … Locomotive depot. V Restaurant "Výtopna" Instead of waiters work small pararazes. A miniature railway is laid around the institution, which connects the kitchen, bar, hall and every table.

Drinks and food right to the table brings toy locomotive. When you caught, drunk and going to leave, put a dirty dishes in an empty trailer. In the restaurant self-service, and therefore you can save on tip.

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