Tripping pricing for treatment in Israel

Tripping pricing for treatment in Israel

About Israeli medicine, it turns out, not everyone responds with delight. Some repatriates are unhappy with the disadvantage of humanity in relation to conventional small problems – rheores and bruises. The thing is that the school in Israel is closer to American than to European – it is more technicious and less humanist. But the quality of solving more complex tasks is one of the best in the world, and on objective indicators the level of service of the population at one of the first places. Members of conferences and symposia, international publications, authors of new developments – very often Israelis. With such a reputation, it seems that treatment in Israel should be very expensive. Is this so and why?

Why price changes

Before the arrival of the clinic or the mediator always makes an approximate calculation of the cost of the procedures, but it happens that as a result, the amount is an order of magnitude higher. It happens because the diagnosis made in Russia, in some cases it turns out to be incorrect, and the treatment plan changes radically. The survey in this sense is also unpredictable, since the use of additional techniques depends on the intermediate results at each stage.

How to save

Tripping pricing for treatment in Israel

If you have a limited amount of funds, and high-quality treatment is necessary, there are several tips:

  • Consultation of a specialist without professorship will cost two times cheaper.
  • Similarly, the situation is with operations.
  • With light births enough assistance.
  • It is better to save not at the very treatment, but on accommodation ("Zimmera" – Guest – instead of the hotel), transport (bus instead of taxi) and nutrition.

In general, of course, high-quality treatment can save the lot of your funds, which would have to spend unsuccessful searches for help in other cases. Accurate diagnosis time can sometimes stand.

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