Trip to Yoshkar-Ollow

Trip to Yoshkar-Ollow

This is my first post on the Tourweek website, and I would like to talk about a small trip, which took place in January 2016. I went on workers in g. Yoshkar-Ola, and decided to stop not in the hotel, as usual, and in the hostel. I have a fairly extensive experience in foreign hostels – I saw different, from a good service to terrible, but with our hostels I have not had to deal with.

What can I say? The city is small, all attractions can be examined in a couple of hours, so I boldly recommend combining a business trip with tourism – one day is enough to see the most interesting places of the city. The station is located in the very center of Yoshkar-Ola, from there to the hostel chosen by me "Yoshkin Kot" on foot a few minutes, the road is very easy to find if with a luggage – you can take a taxi, it will be completely cheap.

Upon arrival at the hostel, I saw such a wonderful multicolored cat on the doors and two stickers interested me: triadvisor and "Checked "Audioral". Checked the information on the Internet – indeed, the reviews are very good, and on the website of the program there is a video dedicated to the inspection of the hostel by Lena Bat. Generally, "Yoshkin Kot" Convented expectations – clean, cozy, friendly staff, quick free Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee. Bright rooms, fresh air, clean bed linen and towels, hot water shower – much is needed for comfort?

Trip to Yoshkar-Ollow

I was arranged for everything and I went to work, and in the evening I walked around the city. Evening Yoshkar-Ola is very beautiful, especially the embankment in the style of Brugge.

In the morning I left Yoshkar-Ola, but himself with good memories of this hospitable city.

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