Trick Norway. In all types

Trick Norway. In all types

The national domain of this country is considered to be fish. The first Norwegian fish – Atlantic salmon, more famous for us called salmon.

This large fish with a juicy pulp of a ripe orange is seed unexpectedly quickly and conveniently, two filleic halves are easily separated from the ridge, and the remaining small bones are removed by tweezers. Dense and elastic meat is well suited for culinary processing, it does not settle and keeps the form, and it is preparing very quickly.

Eating this fish boiled and fried, smoked and pickled, salty and even raw. It is in the raw form of Norwegian salmon that the Japanese are very respectful, and behind them and lovers of Japanese cuisine in the rest of the world, from this fish it turns out and sushi and Sashimi. The Norwegians themselves shaped carcass of its salmon are kept in a cold place in a mixture of dill, pepper and salt, after which they are baked on the grill and served with the dill sauce.

Another, a rather complicated option from the Norwegian cookbook: the portion slices of salmon, fried on both sides to golden colors, served with chopped walnuts, in turn fried with mushrooms, better even wild forest, and not cultural champignons – so fragrant. In restaurants usually come easier: the filleic parts of this fish are slightly roasted on low heat and served with vegetables.

Trick Norway. In all types

But smoked salmon is perfectly combined with a salad of avocado and apples under lemon juice, or even a conventional salad of sweet red apples, but under refill from wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil, honey and cloves of garlic.

It is pleasant to conscious that salmon is not only tasty in a variety of species, but also very useful: it is well absorbed by the body, contains the necessary vitamins and mineral elements, as well as the right fatty acids.

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