Traveling to Utah

Wild West Heart, US State, — Record holder in the number of unique natural objects. The stone arches of the fancy shape, sandstone turrets, winding canyons and giant stones that are hanging in the air, — All these wealth are scattered through the state, forming more than 40 national parks.

So, near the town of Moab is located Park Arches (Arch — «arch», English.) known in the world’s largest collection of natural sculptures that appeared under the influence of water and wind. All of them on the square of 309 km² — 2000, width from meter to 80 or more! Pink, orange, reddish and even striped — they are an impressive spectacle, especially at sunset.

Another Park — Goblins Valley — Known by thousands of pillars-slud. And on canyons you can see in the parks of Zaon and Canyonlands — Over the creation of these natural masterpieces, full-flowed Rivers Colorado and Green.

Navajo Valley of the Monument Valley is located on the territory of the two states at once: Arizona and Utah. On the sublime plain, which is part of the Colorado Plateau, the giant cutlery mountains look into the sky.

Traveling to Utah

It is difficult to believe that 250 million years ago the sea splashed on this huge territory. Pressed ill and sand at its bottom over time, formed sandstone, which was then turned into a slate. The sea went away when the tectonic stove rose, and the wind and rains pulled out in the fatty material of the gorge and rocks.

His view of the sights of Utah presents the Polish photographer Justina Zdunchik.

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