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Travel to the valley of the Dead – Hurghada, Egypt – Tourist Blog

Being in Egypt and not to visit the valley of the dead (or valley of the kings) is impossible. There should be every!

And in ancient Egypt, they recognized the afterlife, the whole earthly existence was considered as preparation for eternal life. Therefore, they kept the bodies of the dead and put in the coffin (tomb) items of the necessary. Entrance to the tomb wounded the dog anubis so that no one kidnap the body.
Now we know how from a tiny piece of mummy (even hairs) can be restored the genetic year and cloning the human body.

According to the ideas of the ancient Egyptians, a person has several shower. After the death of man, the twin-ka lives in his tomb. He is brought to victims in a clock chapel. At the same time, ka lives in heaven and neither in the earth, nor in the other life with a person does not occur. (These two mutually exclusive ideas about ka existed simultaneously). Bab’s soul – human vital power; Falcon with human head. When the soul of BA leaves the body, death comes; When returning to Mummy – the deceased resurrect for eternal life in Duat. That is why it is necessary to emboss the dead body: to keep it for ba.

Name is more important than body. The body will die; But as long as people remember the name of the person and repeat it, until then the memory of the man is alive, and therefore his ka dwells in the earth.

To hear, you need to plug your ears to see – close your eyes

Remember death and do the main

Life death does not erect

The soul is immortal, the personality changes only forms of existence

Do not hold on, all the most valuable – in the soul

Can not be a single rut to the truth, everyone goes to his way

The task is not to achieve the ideal – it is unattainable; The main thing is to achieve

Traveling to the valley of the Dead - Hurghada, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Hurghada on

The process of finding the truth is important, the path for the path itself

All the ways are good that lead to God

The final goal of self-improvement is the love of everything

Life man is given for exaggeration

Creation of love is an approach to God, exaggeration

Love to create a need
(Sayings from my Roman-Fer "Wanderer"(Mystery) on the site new our literature

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