Traveling in the US robot car dripped head

Traveling in the US robot car dripped head

Hichbot’s robot, traveling by the US hitchhiking, was attacked by vandals in the Philadelphia region. On the night of August 2, unknowns tear off his head that made the robot get off the route and go for repairs.

Information about the incident appeared on the project site and in Hichbot accounts on social networks. "Oh, my God, my body is damaged, but now I returned home and finds me together with my friends, – reported on behalf "victim". – Sometimes bad things happen to good robots! My journey should end. But my love for people will never fade.

Hichbot’s robot was in a trip by car hitchhiker for just over two weeks. He managed to visit Boston, Salem, Gloucester, Avon and New York. According to the developers of the robot and initiators of his trip, they will not be charged and looking for Vandals, who attacked a robotic luxury. "We know that many chichbot fans will be disappointed, but we want to assure them that this great experiment ended. At the moment we want to analyze what happened to understand what lessons we can learn, and outline future adventures for robots and people, "the" family "says the Hichbot robot.

As already written "My Planet", Hichbot’s robot was designed in Canada and successfully traveled by expanses of the Motherland in 2014. This year he managed to ride the hitchhiker in Germany and the Netherlands without significant incidents.

Traveling in the US robot car dripped head

The main goal of the project’s creators is to study the reaction of people to an unusual motorway. "We usually ask the question whether we can trust robots, but we decided to turn everything from the legs on your head and ask if the robot trust people," said one of the creators of Hichbot Dr. Frauck Clerk.

At all stages of travel drivers driven robot for free. They also proposed to make a joint photo and lay it on a network with a hashtachbot. The name of Hichbot comes from the English verb to Hitch, which means "vote on the road", "ask for a passing".

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