Traveling around Vienna Lifehaki

Traveling in Vienna: Lifehaki

How to save, what to see and moving around in the capital of Austria.

Cars Car2Go

Instead of an expensive taxi, you can rent a car in Car2Go. Each minute ride by car costs € 0.31, hour – € 14.90 (for comparison Hour a taxi waiting cost € 27.8). After registration, 700 cars are available, which can then be parked on any parking lot in Vienna.

On the train to the center

A low-cost alternative to Cat Express – S-Bahn (urban train) between Vienna-Schweat Airport and the city center (Vienna Mitte). Tickets cost € 4.20, and trains go every half an hour.

For lovers of museums

In Vienna, as in Moscow, the night of museums is held (as a rule, in October). At this time you can visit 700 museums at one ticket. Participating museums are open from six evenings to one hour at night.

Discounts on the train

Those who are planning to drive considerable distances by Austrian railways, it is better to purchase a map of Öbb-VorteilSkarte. For adult annual card costs € 99, ​​for young people (up to 26 years) – € 19,90. There are also special family cards.

Tram ring road

For € 7 and half an hour, you can inspect the main attractions of Vienna on the nostalgic tram. At the same time, video and audio uses to all attractions that can be seen from the window are offered. Landing and disembarking is possible at 13 stops.

Traveling around Vienna Lifehaki

By cycling

Viennese city bikes CityBike offer a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the city. After registering at one of 110 stations, you can take a bike and ride. First hour free, second cost € 1, third – € 2.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available in many points of town.


Thanks to the conclusion map "Vienna ticket" you can get more than 210 discounts when visiting museums and attractions, theaters and concerts, as well as in stores, cafes, restaurants. In addition, the card gives the right to free travel on the subway and buses of the city within 72 hours.

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