Travel to Perm and Kungur for the new year

Travel to Perm and Kungur for the new year

As in g. Kungur Numbers in hotels for the reasonable value Book almost from the summer, it was decided to spend the night in Perm. At www.Booking.COM was reserved by a 4-bed room in Hostel №1 hostel at ul.Epronovskaya, 15, room rate for one night cost us D 1600 r. The choice was not very successful, because in the public areas very cold and there were water interruptions, so that in the evening we failed to wash normally.

On January 2, we sat on the train and January 3 early in the morning arrived in Perm. On the route bus 37 reached the Perm bus station at ul.Revolution, 68. Bus schedule Perm Kungur and back can be viewed on Avtobusperm.RU, buses go quite often.

I bought tickets to Kunur for 195 rubles, and after 2 hours we were already in place. Kungur Ice Cave is located in the village of Philippovka, about 4 kilometers from g.Kungur, from the bus station to the cave can be reached on the route bus 9, but we decided to go on foot and at the same time inspect the surroundings.

The schedule of the cave can be viewed at KUNGURCAVE.RU / SCHEDULE, COST KUNGURCAVE.RU / Price List. In detail to describe the impressions of the visit to the cave I will not, everyone really liked. Reverse evening bus we left for Perm.

January 4, we have dedicated a whole day for inspecting Perm. Permians invented a very interesting route for tourists "Green Line" (a pedestrian tourist route in the central part of Perm, which unites all the main historical, cultural and architectural objects of the city). The route begins with the sculpture "Permyak Salted Ears".

Travel to Perm and Kungur for the new year

Walking occupied 3 hours with us together with a visit to the coffee shop. There is also a "red line" (pedestrian "romantic" route, the plot canvas "Red Line" unites 16 stories of love of famous people who once lived in Perm), but we decided not to walk. Red places intersect with green line.

Perm – a beautiful and cozy city, who preserved a lot of old buildings. Tried a local Permyakov dish – Pokricians, look like dumplings, and the taste resembles Cheburek.

Late in the evening tired and satisfied, sowing for the train, we went back to Kazan.

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