Travel to Hong Kong

Built in 10 years, 10 million people, many parks, greenery and skyscrapers.In the center of the city a huge poster with den Xiaopin. On the poster written. And so it will be a hundred years. Thirty years have passed, seventy.Seventy years can not worry: if they decide, it will be.In any big store, I always shouted: -Iphone!Thirty dollars!

All real and fake iPhones do here, finally I could not stand.The saleswoman posted them in front of me.All iPhones were different sizes and colors, built-in antenna, it is worth pulling it out and an iPhone, turns into a TV.Apple rear glued?-She asked me.Moving Chinese BMW and Land Cruicer-with other icons on the hood.There is a little Lacoste-c a little other krodigrist.But exactly the same, McDonalds ,, and, Starbucks. How to understand what the present and what is not?

All cheaper and not real

Travel to Hong Kong

Present looks easier?Weighs less?Costs more?The bus left for the goal of the economic zone, just a couple of hours and we, -turaist Mecca, told me an assistant.Book your hotel in advance, Macau small island, 450 years near Portugal and only 10 years old with China.But now the day of unification &# 8211; National holiday!The economic zone is over, and along the road another one and a half hours flashed solid corps factory.-What is it?I do not understand anything !My assistant knew his head.Another 10 million workers.

Here is still cheaper.Even cheaper?That they made them set up the factory, run day and night, dressing, shoe, entertaining the whole world?Try to find the answer until they are all tired of them.It was a heavy rain, the bus rushed along the autobahn groove, cutting water like a ship.I saw a roadside cafĂ© and wet blue billiards on the street – that I was looking for all these days!But the camera was already far in the bag!

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