Travel in time

Today, the clock has become a fashionable accessory, manufacturers offer completely different designs and styles. In the boutiques of the whole world, you can buy both expensive designer and cheap casual watches, even women’s watches of sleds to buy no work. The more interesting will be visited by the exhibition of watches "Travel in time", passing in Nesvizhsky Castle.

In the exposition you can see unique collections of different hours: fireplace, desktop, wall, pocket and wrist, created in the XVII-XX centuries. The exhibition contains the work of masters stored in public and private collections. Some items were performed by the court watchmakers known to the whole of Europe. Among them, Khan Lepin, who worked at the French king Louis XVI, Pierre Tomir – the court watchman Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and others.

Travel in time

The organizers of the exhibition were the Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble (Belarus), the Museum of Hours in Klaipeda (Lithuania) and private collectors, transmit "Belarus news". The Museum of the Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble has the largest collection of watches in Belarus. In the Museum Meeting, the exhibits belonged to the owners of the estate – Princes of Passevicham. In the museum of hours in Klaipeda, a unique meeting of watch mechanisms created in various epochs are kept. Here are the first sundial, and modern mechanical. In total, there are over 1700 rare and original items in the exhibition.

Exhibition "Travel in time" Works from July 26 to October 25 in the Great Exhibition Hall of the Palace Ensemble of Nesvizh.

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