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Integrated Vienna public transport system consists of buses, trams and two types of subway: U-Bahn and S-Bahn. One-time ticket costs $ 1.85 of the ticket machine or bus (next to the driver of which is the same car) and $ 1.57 in roll rolls – from tobacco kiosk.

Stunden-Netzkarte travel cost $ 4,63. It is valid 24 hours since the first trip. The same 72-hour – $ 12. Week ticket costs $ 13.15. It is valid only from Monday to Sunday. If you buy it, say, on Wednesday, it is possible to ride it only 5 days, and not 7.

For $ 24.54 a ticket for sale that could be called "octal / multi-day". In German it is called Acht-TageStreifenkarte. He wraps in the eighty, if one person goes on him. Two can ride and two, but then the ticket is valid only 4 days. May and four, and so on. This ticket is relying to compost once a day for each user.

Especially for tourists There is The Vienna Card (German name – Die Wien-Karte). It for $ 16.67 can be bought in hotels, travel agencies and tourist information bureau. It combines a 72-hour pass and discount for 4 days in museums, restaurants and shops. A complete list of such establishments in the form of a 48-page brochure is attached to each ticket.

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Taxi in Vienna is practically not needed because of well-developed public transport. They work on the meter: $ 2.22 for landing, and then $ 0.19 for every 200 meters. For a call to a taxi by phone you need to pay $ 1.11.

The basis of working on the principle of "Unified system" Urban transport in most Austrian cities make up buses and trams. In most cities, one-day (or 24-hour) travel tickets are sold | at $ 1.85 to $ 4.63.

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