Travel from Singapore in Bangkok by train

Travel from Singapore in Bangkok by train

Ride by train of Singapore to Bangkok – one of the most delightful travels in the world.

Singapore and Bangkok have little in common. However, both of these grandiose South Asian capitals attract legions of tourists from various countries. Many fascinates the feverish daytime pace of the capital of Thailand, other hypnotizes her night sexy. The contrast of this is the duty of beauty and the accuracy of Singapore, which even reigns in ethnic quarters, here you can hide from the traditional madness of Asian urban life.

What you know too many travelers is that they have a wonderful choice: they can choose one of the two railways, a length of 1,200 miles that bind these two cities. Like the two cities that they connect, these railways are very different from each other, but both are able to offer magnificent travel.

One – Malaysian Malaysian Train – runs out of Singapore through Kuala Lumpur to Baterwors, from where you can get to the Malaysian Islands Penang or Langkavi. Other – Thai International Express – from Baterwors runs in Bangkok. But there, and there you will get a comfortable coupe, high-end kitchen, personal service.

Travel from Singapore in Bangkok by train

Time of such a trip – 48 hours. The whole road is very picturesque, it runs by palm plantations and rice terraces, past the fields with herds of grazing buffaloes and the jungle, descended from the pictures from the films about Tarzan. But, in any case, do not travel without stopping. It is best to make a small one, for example a two-day, a hat in a multi-colored Kuala Lumpur, and then move on in the direction of Bangkok. Because the main charm of this trip is in combination.

Tickets can be ordered in the offices of the Malaysian and Thai railways in Singapore or Bangkok or in any local travel agency. Trip cost – $ 170.

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