Travel begin here United Kingdom

Travel starts here: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a state consisting of four countries: England, the heart of the British monarchy, wild and beautiful Scotland, medieval Wales and Green Northern Ireland – as well as overseas territories (we will talk separately).

England is London with a thousand museums, royal residences and beautiful parks, Bitlovsky Liverpool, Universities Cities Oxford and Cambridge, Motherland Shakespeare – Stratford-on-Avone, Ancient and Mysterious Cromlers, Picturesque Cornwall Bays, Famous Lake Edge and Victorian Resorts.

Wales – this is a hundred medieval castles, cozy cardiff and Snowdonia National Park, Ice Lakes and Heather Empty, Karst Caves and Waterfalls.

Romantic mountain Scotland – Motherland of clans, kilts and whiskey. What to see? Victorian Edinburgh, Cultural Center for Glasgow and, of course, lakes, for example, the most famous – Loch Ness. In Scotland, also a large number of medieval castles, the most popular – metropolitan. Unforgettable impressions will leave the mysterious cave of melodies on the island of Staffa, consisting of a large number of columns of volcanic origin.

Northern Ireland is the smallest region of the country, but there is something to see. Endless green meadows, picturesque rocks (for example, the mystical road of gymgans) and ancient facilities. It is worth visiting the metropolitan Belfast and cozy Londonderry.

Travel begin here United Kingdom

We offer to see our configured photoset, and maybe you will open the regions of the United Kingdom with a new part.

In this series of photo projects, we also published selections of the most beautiful places of Canada, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Georgia, Iran, South Africa, South Korea, Tunisia, Denmark, Vietnam, Australia and Costa Rica.

Hear the story of the our woman who has been living in London for several years, which foreign languages ​​know the British, what can be bought for £ 1 and how often they are going to rain, – "United Kingdom in our".

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